Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Filipe Laurentino


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hi everyone!
i never did somenthing like this, participate of a world contest, and i’m so scared ^^ … but i’m excited too!

the only reason for this scene is that i wanted to do something with aliens … and i think its a strange behavior this kind of relationship ^^

i hope you like it
i hope i like it ^^


a little change of plans!

i think i was a little bit anxious to submit my entry and i didn’t explore others ideas!
but this one i will carrie on … i promise ^^

the idea here is showing how a point of view can make mistakes … “Will a child playing with a inoffensive toy scary the invaders and save the world??” … the message is something like this.

this idea is more difficult for me … i have no experience drawing children.
…thinking better, i have no experience with aliens neither … or with contests which have a lot of great artists!!!
but this is the main idea for me … gain some experience.


ps: sorry my bad english … i’m trying :smiley:


I like your ideas. How do you plan on doing it? 3D or 2D?

Voce fala bem inglês. Better than my Portugues.


thanks for your comment … now i feel more confident to say something :slight_smile:

i will make in 2D … i’m just starting to learn 3D ^^
but even in 2D this gonna be a big challenge … i’ve never made something huge before. :smiley:


i made some studies for the aliens!
i think that is the way!


this is the boy!

i will fix a few things (or a lot ^^) when i put the colors!


the concept had some little changes!
i wanted to get their faces and the body expressions and the scene became a kind of a mid shot!
but a like this way … i’m still think if i will put others aliens or the window … i think it’s more expressive keep only these 2 characters.
another thing is about the boy … i made him not so innocent … i solve to try a mad expression … somenthing to have a mystery atmosphere around him.


It is getting more interesting :slight_smile:


some lighting in the boy.

the palette is gonna be green … the reason are the lights of the spaceships outside … and i think the lights will be the only reference of the invasion, i will not show that chaos of screaming people or destruction or etc.

for the head lighting i use as reference a 3d head that i made for practice.
and i forgot to say before … the drawing of the boy is based on a picture i took of a litlle cousin mine … and the alien position is a picture of me ^^

ps: plis forgive my english mistakes … i feel like writing some stupid thing ^^




hi guys!

i need some help now … i have lot of difficults working with colors =( … does anybody have some tips to make a good palette??
and i can’t stop felling that somenthing is wrong with the kid’s face
a vision of someone else will help a lot this moment.



i changed a feel things in his face!

i think i will make the rest of the drawing now.


i dont know if i will have time this week for the kid and the monster (^^) … so i solved to post what i’ve done this weekend!


just a little update!
body, arms and toy.

as always … still have a lot of things to try making better.


I think working up the shadows and highlights on the kids face would help add more of a 3d feel, looing a little flat right now



thanks for the tip
i’ll try something about that


hi there

few changes in the boy!!!
i try some hair … god, how difficult is this!!! … i just cant find the right brush, the right lighting, the right haircut (as u can see i changed it … i thought that a good boy haircut would be better for the scene, for the “misterious” kid)
i worked the highlights and shadows in the face
i putted some light, like coming from the back_right … i will probably change it with the complete scene

the boy is not really finished but i’ll start the alien now … i think i can make faster now … i hope i can do it faster … i have to ^^


i started the alien
don’t have much to say about it … i just tried to put some volume … i still have so much to do … or trying to do ^^