Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


hola querido hermano del sur - the gazillions of concepts youve posted are looking good and it looks like youre coming to an idea. The line work on the last image you posted is nice and tight. The only comment would be similar to guero’s which is to focus on one idea and develop it because we only got about a month left… on that note, I gotta get back to work…


Yes, very cool line work indeed :thumbsup:


Jeff - Thanks my friend!!. In the final composition (that i post after this post :smiley: ) I used your suggestion of a more extreme perspective for the cityscape and think works really nice, with a more dramatic touch for the buildings. I would really like to know your opinion for that :slight_smile: (and for the all composition) Thanks in advance my friend !! :beer:

Mark - Thanks for your encouragment and support! you rock my friend!! :buttrock: I hope that at least will be a good matte painting … :rolleyes: … hahahahha :smiley:

Juan Pablo - Muchas gracias mi hermano del norte ! :smiley: For sure you are totally right,
I already made a decision for the final concept, finally … hahahaha …
and now i need to work hard to finish it in time. Again really thanks for your kind words ( and liked the “gazillions” term… hahahahahahaha :smiley: )

Jassar - Thanks for all of your support my friend!! :beer:


this is the line art for the final composition on the concept (perhaps the scorpion is a bit little and I’m thinking about changing it by a rat (a sewer rat, of course :smiley: )


Love your line art for this, and the idea as well (well, really I loved each and every one of them :)).

Actually I was thinking about the scorpion / lobster thing: what would be wrong in having the lady feed lobsters to the crocodiles? She looks high-class enough to be wanting to provide them with a gourmet dinner…unless, of course you wanted to play on the contrast ‘lady vs scary / repellent creature’.

Also what about some floating candles in the sewers to add to the ’ candlelight dinner’ feel? (feel free to ignore, of course, or just tell me to shut up :slight_smile: :wink: ).


I agree with the rest of these guys, nice line art. Maybe she could be feeding those crocs something really expensive like lobsters or steak. Or the waiter guy could have a mini buffet of different goodies from which she is picking… Time to get moving on!


Hi Ferx,

i made a quick drawing to show, you almost have it. what you have now is like (a). I was trying to describe something more like (b) Sorry about the drawings, I had make them in windows paint with mouse :smiley:


I’m going to bed a 2:00 AM and I’m falling apart already (and I have noticed that you’re still running by that time) well, we will laugh about this some day…

Curious thing at first glance I believed that was a lobster. :)And I actually see it like this is the lady’s personal gator-pool for any kind of naughty purposes, so she might as well invest in some more classy food for them. Anyway what I was going to say is that I don’t think a rat would work so well.

Maybe a kitty…
Just kidding, please don’t do that!

Hay nos vemos y ojala aguantemos…


Tiziano - Really thanks my friend!! You are totally right, and the gourmet food is a nice suggestion, and i’m thinking to follow that way, and the canndles are a clever idea, for sure i will try that ( or something like chinese or japanese floating lamps with a art deco touch ) Again really thanks for your great suggestions my friend ! (and please continues talking :smiley: you have a great imagination) :beer:

Soapy - Thanks mate !! the buffet idea is really nice, and fit well with the gourmet food and candles. Thanks for your support buddy!! :thumbsup:

Jeff - True thanks my friend! and thanks for your time, you rock !!:buttrock: . Ok. I get the point (i hope :smiley: ) You are right, I need a three points perspective for the buildings (like a camera lens) I make some tests and use a little distorsion to obtain the height vanish point. I dont forced to much the perspective, because i worried about all that vertical lines of the cityscape guide the eyes on a strong way to the upper part of the canvas and to the moon. Again I post the test after this post :smiley: Really thanks for your help and support, I appreciate so much!! :beer:

Gabriel - Si, ya nos estamos convirtiendo en zombies hahahahah (más la cruda del 15 , pues si se pone pesado esto hahahah ) Yes, I ´m slow with this and it is already a personal challenge to finish it :smiley: Where is my “rompope”?? !! hahahahaha
I agree with you, the rat dont work well … uuhhhh the kitty… mmmmm… ok, kitty not (maybe “hello kitty” character ??? hahahaha) Really thanks my friend!! :beer: (with tequila!)


A correction for the buildings perspective (thx Jeff to point that :))
I hope in the next update can show the final menu for the crocs! :smiley:


hi! I love the flies carring the lizard…
I thik the lizard shoud habe a little bit more 3D-effect…seemst du be a little bit flat. But the flies are very very nice.
I´ll be back to see the next steps!!


Hey Fernando,

It’s a nice progress, it’s good to see elements coming together. :thumbsup:
I liked a look of the human servant, he had that british snobbishness in him of one being proud of serving his lady. Although I like very much the robot too, but it feels like he has lost some of that expressiveness… If you could get his face design to resemble a little of that of the previous servant’s expression, and may be add some accessories to him, like a butterfly tie and white gloves on hands, or a towel hanging over arm?
Just an idea :slight_smile:
And I liked Tiziano’s idea of candle lights…

Keep going!


Lubster for dinner? What luxury for those crocodiles… But it looks like she has to be careful not to end being the dinner herself.

Fine progress :thumbsup:


Hey, that’s a cool entry. I really like to robo servant. :thumbsup:

Good luck with the challenge.



Nice Fernando! I like the composition :slight_smile:
Also I have a note, I feel the womans neck a little shifted to her right ( our left! ), if you could just move it a bit to our right ( her left ) to correct this…



It’s looking great. I like the subtle change to the perspective on the buildings.

My only concern (but it’s not a big concern) is that the hand holding the scorpion is right in front of the cover on robot’s platter and robot’s hand. But apart from that minor thing I reckon it’s all looking excellent :thumbsup:


Hola Fer, (tengo mas de tres familiares con ese nombre y ya me acostumbre adesirles asi, dime si te molesta ok?) y que tal le 15 ? aqui no hubo mucho rompope jaja :scream:

I love what you have done for the buildings and very nice shapes, and contours for the mood, I like the ship design as well, as for the characters, I really like how all look together they do blend with all your composition as you like them to be, and I love the idea of feeding them an scorpion or is it a lobster? Oh well! At least we know she does like spoiling those cute little pets, well at least for her, Good Work! :thumbsup:


Maciej - really thanks for your kind words mate! I hope, after this challange, finish that concept, and i´m taking note about your suggestion for that image. Again thanks!! :thumbsup:

Sasha - really thanks for your visit !! :slight_smile: You are totally right about the butler, perhaps i make the two versions, the human and the robot butler (and i put the details that you suggest me :thumbsup: ) Again thanks for your support and encouragement!

Martin - Thanks mate!! hahahhahah if the girl fall in the water surely that be a truely luxury dinner for the crocs! :smiley: (uhhh is not a bad idea… mmmm… the robo butler pushing the girl to water… hahahahaha… i´m insane… hahahaha:D ) Again thanks my friend !!

Jassar - Thanks for your support my friend! Yep, you are right , and i need correct the girl´s neck, thanks to point that mate!! :thumbsup:

Mark - Thanks friend!! I really appreciate your words !! Yes, I dont like that overlap, you are right, I´m working to correct that . Again thanks Mark for your great support !! :beer:

Axel - No hay problema, todos me llaman asi, y por eso a mi nick sólo le agregue la x - y el quince estuvo bueno, sólo que salí perdiendo con la cruda (harto tequila!! ), hahahahahah:D
I´m glad you liked the concept. At first I think in a scorpions snack for the gators, but thanks to some clever suggestions , i´m changing my mind to a lobsters dinner
Gracias amigo por todo tu apoyo y creo que a las chelas que nos tenemos que tomar habra que agregarle una buena “tella” de tequila !! Salud!! :beer:


Niiice!! I liked a lot the composition on this last one. Maybe a few changes there and here, will be perfect. Keep it up! I’ll looking foward your progress.


Working in the windows for the buildings.
I decided to put the first all windows, later to detail the buildings, believe that thus it will be a little easier since the design of windows will give me the guide for the detail on the structures. :smiley: