Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Axel - Thanks my dear friend! Yeaaa I take the chekered flag!! Axel really thanks for your great support and encouragement from the first to last day !! It has been an honor to have shared with you this challenge my friend!! You ever be a great motivation to finish this concept, for sure I debt you a pair of lobsters, cooked on tequila sauce!! Cheers my friend!! y que viva el rockanroll!! :beer:

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Fernando my friend!!!You made it!And such a great finish man!I was really cool to see all the evolutions your pic passed by!And the finish is great, between the different things you’ve tried, you picked out the right one!
Thank you very much for your support man!!!
Hope to be by your side too next time again and I wish you all the very best on the final judging!!!


Peter - Thanks for your kind words!! Good luck with your superb concept mate!! Cheers !!:beer:

Juan Pablo- Thanks again my friend !! Cheers! :beer:

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Congrats man! it’s been a great challenge :slight_smile:
See you in the next one man :thumbsup:


Hey Ferx, I finally have time to comment your entry so I am doing this right now. Cool finish. Very strange behavior indeed, especially when you see it in continuity with futuristic enviroment and mood. Good job. Good luck!


Great stuff! Love it, very well rendered and painted etc. Great idea too! Best of luck with the competition :smiley:


Remko - Thanks my friend! Indeed, it was a great honor to have participated with you in this challenge. You are a great inspiration.Thank you for all the support they gave me, I really appreciate it. You rock my friend! And will be a plesure to be on your side in the next challenge! Cheers my friend! :beer:

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Juraj - Thanks for your kinds words mate, I really appreciate it. I wish you the best luck! Cheers!! :beer:

Kenneth - Thanks mate!! I´m really glad that you liked the concept!! Good luck with your awesome concept!! Cheers! :beer:


Hi Fernando!

i want to thank you for your comment in my thread … thanks a lot.
It made me very happy and more confident with my stuffs … and i have to say … i like tequila more than caipirinha … hehehe

and whata a piece you have here!
i loved the story … poor Egelvidio ^^
the water is amazing … the bright of the moon… the atmosphere … everything is great! =)
the expression of Egelvidio is telling exactly what are his feelings!
congratulations man!

good luck to you
and cheers for us =)


Hey Fernando, your final image is amazing! I really love all of the small details you added to give the image life and character. The kitty is a very nice touch! Congratulations!


Filipe - Thanks my friend for your kinds words, I really appereciate it! For sure is time to celebrate with a big tequila bottle!! :smiley: Again, thanks for your support!! Cheers mate!! :beer:

Annie - Really thanks!! I´m glad you liked the concept. Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:


Nicely finished Fernando! The background turned out just nicely! BEst of luck!


Kei - Really thanks for your kind words and for your support, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hey crocodile guy! I really like how your image turned out. The lobster feeding is a great touch, and I like the vector-ish background. Great job!


hihihihiiii :slight_smile: nice one!
what really gets me going is the background, the is awsom! :slight_smile: hope to see you in the nex challange and jep, cheers!


I love the final result
The color tone is very poetic
I like the reflections in the ripples,Very realistic
Also,the background and the black cat add a mystic touch to it,
Good Luck!


Wow! I really love the color…as well as the building detail in the background!
Good work :slight_smile:



thanks mate!
Love your concept too. mmmmmm…lobster.


Damm, really great artwork, congratulations!! Love the idea and the final result :thumbsup:

Would like to see what happens if she maybe gets bored and pushes the butler overboard… but of course she would never such a thing - or would she?

Wish you good luck with your image!


>> Strange Behavior (Illustration)


Congrats on a great entry! Love that you included a story as well, and the fact it is completely random and off-the-wall appeals to me even more.

Well developed and thought out and it shows in the end result, well done!