Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


A view on the sewer tunnel


… and the crocs :smiley:




Lobsters again! Will they ever get bored of lobsters? I am certainly bored of cooking them! I never thought that those crustaceous would scare me that much. Every time Lady Dalila asks for lobsters for the feast she will throw, a terrible panic enters into my bones. Why did I despise the army? By this time I would probably be a Captain and would still have the now lost hair
and all because of lobsters! I should have entered into the space program, like my cousin, the one who have succeeded in life, but no, I had to choose to be a butler, and all because of Dalila. Why did I secretly fall in love of a Lady?!

Had I known her affection for lobsters, I would have chosen a less risky profession; I don’t know, maybe the bomb squad team, yes! that would have been easier.

(Radio communication sound)

  • “Egelvidio, are the lobsters ready?”
  • Yes my lady
  • “Very well, prepare the boat. Today’s dinner will be on sector 15”
  • Correct my lady

(Communication ends)

Sector 15
uhhh there’s where the biggest ones are. Courage Egelvidio, courage! Half bottle of whiskey should help… no, no, something stronger, yes, tequila, glu, glu, glu
a bit more… glu, glu, glu. It doesn’t seem to work… I hate lobsters!!!

(Radio communication sound)

  • “Egelvidio, I am ready, please pick me up at the dock in 5 minutes”
  • Yes my lady.

(Communication ends)

Come on Egelvidio, what are you a man or a mouse?
. I want to be a mouse!


  • We are ready to go my lady
  • Good Egelvidio, I see you found good size lobsters
  • Yes my lady, I do get preferential treatment at the market (I hate buying lobsters in the market!!!)
  • Off we go then, to sector 15, they are waiting for us.


“I only stand lobsters because of Dalila, always beautiful, with so much class, but I don’t know how long I will stand her affection of throwing these lobster feasts, and to make things even worse, today is full moon, and her guests get very active and voracious
. Don’t think Egelvidio, just don’t think!”

  • What are you mumbling about Egelvidio? Nervous again? Ha ha ha ha ha. Do not worry, you will never get invited into these dinners, you are my butler (winking eye). I prefer that you attend my guests”

“I don’t know what makes me more nervous, the lobsters, or Dalila! I still remember the night that a detective with a Humphrey Bogart style joined her into one of her dinners. Dalila came back alone. Bahh
stop thinking stupid things, surely the detective cowardly asked her to drop him in the first dock they passed”


  • Stop the boat Egelvidio, here they come, I don’t want you to hurt them
  • As you wish my lady (to hurt them?? She must be joking!!)
  • Give me a lobster Egelvidio
  • Yes my lady, here you are (I certainly have earned every penny of my salary and every bottle I have drank with this!!!)
  • Come little one, come here, look what I have for you, a delicious lobster!!

“Little, little is this boat!!! That little lizard is at least 17 feet long, and here they come another two

  • Give me more lobsters Egelvidio, and stop trembling, what can such sweet and lovely crocodiles do to you?
  • Yes my lady.

“What can they do to me?” More likely is what I did to them! I have never regretted more the day I threw into the drain the dozen baby crocodiles that uncle Gumersindo gave me and my cousin on that Christmas, when I was only 12. But who would have thought that they would survive and get to grow this big! The fact that Dalila found them and turned them into her toys is simply the worst punishment. Now you know why I hate lobsters so much!”

This is the end of the story, and I think that the strange behavior was the evolution of the idea, starting with ants and flying lizards, to finish with crocodiles in a art deco retro futuristic sewer. I always liked the atmospheres style on film noir and science fiction environments, and that was the inspiration that I decided on this concept (where once again the butler is the culprit).

Finally, I want to acknowledge the great opportunity to have shared this great experience with excellent artists and people who have the same passion (CGsociety rules!!). It has been a wonderful journey to view many artistic expressions and so much quality, see the different approaches to the topic and the different styles printed on each work and the best thing is the atmosphere of friendship and good criticism to be living on the challenge. I think the share and make available to others in advancing our work, pushes us to do better and really is more fun than working alone. For me to have participated in this challenge with you was truly an honor and the best prize.

I want to thank all the people who visited my thread and all those who helped me and encouraged during this challenge, I really appreciate it.

And I am especially grateful with: Jeff, Mark David, Axel, Gabriel, Mathias (guterrez), Ralph, Neville, George, Torsten, Fernando (elmasfeo … and the only: D), Sasha, Uldison, Vinicius, Remko, Tiziano, Francisco, Jassar, Martin, Raul, Ramon, Gustavo, Kei, Maciej, Soner, Juan Pablo and Soapy. Thank you so much friends, for all your kind comments and for your incredible support throughout the challenge. You rock my friends!!

And now … finally … beers and tequila for all, yeaaaaaa!!, this round is on my own! Cheers mates!!
See you in the next challenge, if not before!

Fernando Porcel - FERX


:eek::bounce::applause::thumbsup: You FINISH congratulations!:thumbsup::applause::bounce::eek:

I love it , me want lobster to! poor Egelvidio he is the toy of dear Dalila, I like her! Great FINALE! I like all the job you have done in this great art piece! a must see for strange behavior challenges and I think you won already in your own portafolio! for sure this is great! all the style its very much a season of color and ideas full of life! I am so glad to see you here at the end of the line with such a great inspirational ilustration! Yay!

Exelent end ! very enjoyable!


I have to agree with AxelAlonso, you brought this scene to life with many little details and a very interesting composition
story is weird in a good way, poor Egelvidio^^
gratulations Ferx, you did a great job

Me also wants Lobster now, Lobster for all!!! Lobster and beer, mhhh…


Once again, excellent job Fernando, very very well done …:applause:


Hahahahahaha! Awesome finale Fernanado! I loved your story, read it fast with joy, made me laugh out loud… You are a story-teller with both writing and painting skills…

Man, just want to say that you’ve put an incredible amount of work and thinking into this image, which I admire, and you’ve managed to pull it off with a high quality and a sound style. It’s one thing to watch an image evolve, it’s another thing to watch someone experiment hard-core on a subject like you do. I think this is a very important approach, because we are being fed with so much similar artwork and products, it makes us forget sometimes that authentic works take real time and experimenting. One may be a very skillful craftsman, but if that person is producing the same effects with a formula in his\her works, there is not much authenticity left in there… Experimenting runs you out of time sometimes, but I think this challenge was a great example for all of us in our future time-plannings :smiley:

This image has delicious lighting and mood. You’ve captured atmospheric perspective succesfully with your foggy BG cityscape. The style is a well researched combination of various art movements, and your writing could easily make this image a 5min. animated short that would be a real fun to watch.

All in all, I think you’ve done an excellent job, this was one of the most active and fun to watch threads. It was a real pleasure to work with you, and have your support. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll take a big gulp from your tequila - from the bottle of course… :beer:

Best of luck to you with the judging, hope to work with you again…


Hey man, nice final piece. You did an wasome job with the illustrative feel and the strange behavior is really apparent. And as jeffparadox says, it takes a lot of planing to create artwork in this manner since it has to be thought of very early in the process. so, congratulations on finishing and good luck man!


Hey Fernando, congratulations. You did a terrific job my friend. I love you story and your final piece is really good. It was a pleasure to watch your process. Once again, congratulations and good luck.


Heeey, congratulations for finishing my friend!!
for me, the best part of your image is the atmosphere you created with the fog, and how you created the depth, the buildings in the background, the lights, the reflections… :drool:

And now, at last, we can celebrate it with unas chelas bien helodias! :beer: or maybe better with something stronger, yes, tequila, glu, glu, glu
a bit more… glu, glu, glu. :smiley: (loved that part, heheee)


Heeey, congratulations for finishing my friend!!
for me, the best part of your image is the atmosphere you created with the fog, and how you created the depth, the buildings in the background, the lights, the reflections… :drool:

And now, at last, we can celebrate it with unas chelas bien helodias! :beer: or maybe better with something stronger, yes, tequila, glu, glu, glu
a bit more… glu, glu, glu. :smiley: (loved that part, heheee)


Hey Fernando, I love your final image. It is beautiful. Dark and edgy but also sweet and poetic. The story behind it is delightful and adds an enjoyable extra depth to the scene.

I agree strongly with Jeff’s comments about how you’ve used this challenge to explore and experiment with new areas. In my opinion that is the hardest thing of all. Because of that approach, this image stands out as something special and fresh and original.

It’s been great fun and inspiring watching this image develop. Well done buddy :thumbsup:


Big congrats Fernando for this excellent piece of work! Really amazing atmosphere and
great details all over the image! You have put a great deal of work in this and I’m sure
the judging will definitely notice that! You got my vote too!

Best wishes, and hope to ride along you in the next challenge!



Congratulations Fernando,

It has really been enlightening and fun to share ideas and interact with such a skilled and articulate artist. In your artists statement is the part about “pushes us to do better and really is more fun than working alone” is a point well taken. All the best to you my friend.


Damn so late again! sorry I didn’t catch you at the msn but I’ve been really rushed today…

Heck, you’ve really catch a lot of attention even in this sluggish last days of the challenge, and there’s a reason for that… The final image rocks!! the story is great too and now that I know it is Elgevidio the central character I’m glad I bothered you with the expression thing, so you can really dig the complicate feeling he has for the whole situation, and I do! he’s one of those victim-villain characters… that’s neat! he had it coming from the very start!

Well as everyone said before me, It was a thrill to see this develop, In the end what remains of the first concepts is the moon and the reptilian theme, beyond that, you turned the table completely and never looked back, that’s a great quality in this business and a creative force too!

I’m gonna say, (and everybody I’ve showed you your image agrees with me) that this is an impressive piece, and and not knowing more of your works you really took everyone here by surprise! this was a great time!!

Tequila was a great inclusion in the story too, since this thread seems to be empowered by that mighty muse all the way. So, here’s a toast for tequila, for Dalila and For you!

SALÙ FER, A pleasure indeed!! !! !! !!

Y gracias por todo:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


You have made it! :bounce:

Great - I mean strange - final image and the story is superb, too.:applause:

It was fun watching your image come to life.

Good luck with the voting.

Torsten :beer:






you the best! n always will be!
everything rocks to the core! the story … the art … the characters! hehehehehehe :smiley:
very well done my friend! im glad to have met an artist like u! this challenge once again gave me another generous helping of good friends with talent and emotion!
i’m ever greatful! god bless you bro!
i wish you good luck!


Good final! Like it :slight_smile:
Good luck now!


thanks for the post man! as I said, awsome job on the image, the story and everything else. HOpe it aint the last time I see you in CG talk or any future challenges! best of luck man!


You sure followed through on this Ferx. I apologize for my last visit, but it sure is great to see your piece all finished and looking amazing. Your story was definately a great read!!! I really enjoyed it a lot. You added a lot of character to the image with such a great and fun story :smiley: Nice to know that it’s not only a Fantastic image but it has a fantastic background! :thumbsup: Congratulations my friend on this beautiful final. I thank you for supporting me throughout this entire challenge and I wish you all the best!!