Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Hi Fernando! While I was looking your thread pages to look your progress again I realize that I’ve sent no message to you even I was watching your progress as well. Sorry about that! That makes me shame though your great supports to me! Sorry my friend again! I’ve to say that you’ve been progressed so well on your concept. The night atmosphere, the city and lights, the sewer tunnel, servant’s expression, reflections on the water and all the details are all fits together great. The new details and your works on it as you told at last will give support to your image. I’m looking forward!
Keep it up!


heyy bro!! wonderful update i must say! in fact … you reallly surprised me with this new one! never imagined it at all! :eek: join the magician’s club my friend!:smiley: you certainly fit the bill!
by the way … a small tip … let the caustics travel a little on the lady and the butler too … lets say … knee length … also some more caustics on the side of the boat … see how it works out :slight_smile:

:applause: really looking forward to the final showdown! you rock bro! :buttrock: god bless ya as always! :love:


It looks much better with the water, caustic and fog effects…
Fantastic improvement:thumbsup:


hey Ferx, great progress man, good to see you werent lazy^^ great attitude of your charaters, but I also think the butlers feet look a bit short...thered be enought empty space in the boat to lift him up and show his feet more in the middle of it
water is looking cool man, best luck for the last finishing


Axel - Thanks my friend ! I glad you liked the tunnel idea, and time to push hard to finish the whole concept :slight_smile: Again, really thanks for your great support my friend! Cheers!

Martin - Thanks friend for your kind words and encouragement !

Mark - Really thanks my friend! I really appreciate your comments and the visits to the thread! Cheers! :beer:

Jeff - Thanks my friend! I´m really glad you liked the water. I hope the final image can surprise you :slight_smile: Thanks again for your great support and encouragement bro!! Cheers!

Raul - Thanks my friend for your nice words!! and i hope can match your superb illustration (the devil on love is cool and rules!! :smiley: )

Soner - Thanks my friend! Is for me an honor that you followed the progress on my concept, and your words are an extra motivation to push hard and finish! Really thanks my friend ! Cheers! :beer:

Neville - Thanks my dear friend!! I´m trying to learn magic from a great magician like you bro!. I´m taking notes about your tip, and for sure i try it. Thanks again for your great support and encouragement my friend, you rock :buttrock:

Fabio - Thanks my friend. I´m really glad you liked the water and the fog addition. Thanks for your encouragement ( pos habrá que echarnos unos aguardienticos ! :smiley: )

Mathias - Thanks my friend !! Yep, you are right about the Egelvidio position. I´m working on that. Thanks again for your kind words and great support my friend! Cheers! :beer:
(Are you back from Japan?)


Change the Egelvidio´s position, for a more taller butler :smiley: (thanks Mathias) and put Dalila a bit front. More work on the final shades details.


Hey Fer cool looking!! the changes work really well. wow the tunnel reflection on the water looks great, really neat!
I think Dalila’s forehead doesn’t look as dark on the left side as the rest of the head and body, same for the screeen-left breast, both look quite flat, some more shadow will help there, no big deal at all…
Oh and you know?, the butler’s right hand is right above of Dalila’s hand, and the glove makes it look brighter than her’s. you could put down the bright white there so dalila’s hand has a darker background and reads better.

Also I will bother you about the red water reflection on the boat again:D

Cheers pal! already there… ahhhhh…


Hey Ferx! great progress :slight_smile:
Best wishes man…


Hola Fer!
Alright that water looks GREAT! :thumbsup: And the depth in your composition its amazing! Fantastic job! I will agree on the red reflection for the boat as Gabriel suggested, and the wrinkles on the cloth are way much better but they still look a bit stiff since it’s a dress and it’s white so the fabric might add a bit more movement…not big dio though! Well its almost over my friend yay!

Looking pretty cool Fer ,:eek:

Ya hay que acabar ohiga:wip: Jaja! Si no el Gabriel se acaba las chelas solo:surprised


Hey Fernando,

Very impressive, I am learning a lot just seeing your approach. One very small suggestion is maybe lower Dalila’s hairline or bangs forward (slightly more hair covering more of her forehead). This is the classiest sewer ever, and with room service.


maybe you could add a bit more shadows on the left bottom corner, specially below the boat, o maybe not hehehe… ah, and I think that theoretically the red light shouldn’t reflect backwards, in the direction of the tunnel, but it looks good, and other than that it’s looking very good, the water effect just above the top croc is amazing!!! :scream:

Gooooood job!!! :beer:


Hey this a great image :applause: feeding the crocodiles with high class food, cool idea haha :bounce:

Good luck in the final steps :buttrock:


Hola Fer! Very good job! you are doing a fantastic job in bringing all your ideas alive! I like the boat’s design its very “art deco” meets “Fash Gordon” style! :scream:The characters look very unique! Love the alligators! They are so spoiled! Good for them! And over all looks dark and nice!! I like that city!:twisted:


good work on the faces, now they have more volume
the lightning is really cool, especially on and around the Butler
his feet look still too short; you could change this with a little trick imo: right now the boat looks like it lies directly on the surface of the water, but boats normally lie deeper under the water, it needs more draught (hope this makes sense for you^^) some waves around the bottom side and it looks like swimming and less floating
and now gogogo

oh and yes, Im back from Tokio; like I said I drank a Bootle of Sake for you (maybe it were 6 bottles in the end, cant really remember that night)


Ok, this is a detail on the finished concept :smiley:


Very nice image Ferx!
Really love those crocs.
And those two don’t seem scared at all… Strange :slight_smile:

Maybe add more water reflections, also on the woman’s chest, and the wall?


What!? but Egelvidio is supposed to be scared, Isn’t he?? … mmm maybe tou could twist the rising eyebrow a bit to show him tense… I don’t know…
Oh… I seee you left the boat’s blue line underwater… it’s OK, it’s well repalced by the new ripples…

I don’t know what to say about the colder palette… The previous warmer one was good too… I like both…
maybe the cold one makes more sense, but any of them is just nice…
Oye Y pasa a explicarle a fernado elmasfeo que es una chela, no seas gacho:D… hoy vi su ‘final’ (sweeeeeet stuff…) y andaba algo confundido con eso :D:D:D

Salú fer… ya acabamos…


Gabriel - Thanks my friend for all of your help and great suggestions. You are right, I´m puting more shade on Dalila´s forhead and breast. Ok reducing bright on the caustic refelections. Again really thanks for all of your support my friend. Cheers! :beer:

Jassar - Thanks my friend for your kind words!

Axel - Gracias amigo! I´m glad you liked the preview and thanks for your great suggestions my friend! (Si, ya me urge acabar esto, antes de que me vuelva loco :smiley: )

Ralph - Thanks my friend, your words are a extra motivation to push hard and finish the concept. Really really thanks for your great support and encouragement my friend (and i followed your suggestion about Dalila´s hair, thanks! :slight_smile: )

Fer - Thanks my friend. I´m really glad you liked the water. You are right about the back red reflection on water, but is a nice dramatic touch. Again really thanks for your encouragement tocayo ( y tendremos que bebernos algun día unas chelas bien frías :beer: )

Maciej - Thanks mate! Its an honor that you liked the concept. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Dulce - Muchas gracias!! I love your description of the boat design!!: “art deco” meets “Flash Gordon style” hahahaha really cool! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, a nice detail!! :slight_smile:

Mathias - Thanks my friend!! Yes, you are right and surely I follow your suggestion.
6 sake bottles?? hahahahah for sure you had a nice hangover :smiley: Again, really thanks for your great support and for the sake!! Cheers my friend!! :beer: (beer is great for the hang over )

Marlon - Thanks mate for your kind words. You are right, perhaps I need a more scared expression on the butler . About the caustic reflections on the walls and Lady Dalila, I tried it but I’m not convinced, puts a busy note on the concept ( I think much reflections on it :sad: ) Again, really thanks for your support and encouragement mate!! I really appreciate it.

Gabriel (again ) - Thanks friend! Yes, you are right. Ok, that is the last change on the concept, ok ok (I hope ). About the palette, i think the blue works well for the night and for a bit more sordid atmosphere. Thanks again! (Ya te debo varias chelas :smiley: )


This is my last and really last change… :smiley: (I hope) A bit more fear on the Egelvidio´s expression


A detail view on the main building