Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Hola Fer!
Love the water fx! Also the aligators, :wise: or “cocos” they are my pals…so can I have lobster later huh? :)… The red light add so much value to the greens, and danger mood from the behavior Great Idea! Well my friend a great update just do some more magic in that fantastic city and the race its over…hurraay!:buttrock:


Great job my friend, just a little more and COMPLETE!:bounce:


great stuff Fer!! I see it done… the rest is up to you! three comments BTW…

The Highlights on Elgevidio’s (asi se llama?) cheek and ear are aligned with the ark formed by the brown pipe highlight behind him, when I first saw it It seemed to me that he was translucent and you could see the pipe continue behind him… funny optical effect, bit I dont know if there’s much to do to fix it …

and maybe the end of the tunnel could be more foggy, you know, make the lower part of the wall less dark and less contrasted so it seems to be washed more by the yellow light same for the water in that zone…

Lady Dalila’s face looks less bright than the guy’s face, maybe she could use some more shine on her forehead and cheeks… subtle, not much…

I hope I made myself clear, if I didn’t … well you know where to find me …:beer:

wow I liked the water effect so much is really nice… lets get done with this… I can wait to see thew all done!!


Hey Ferx;
it’s a intersting work, nice reflaction of the water,
good job! waiting for your final!

best wishs



Looking good, Ferx! Nice job on the sewer, just love the reflections, refraction and ripples. Maybe just some fogs over the water towards the end of the tunnel. But overall, it’s great!

Goodluck to you my friend!


great to see the progression of this picture :slight_smile: i see a lot of improvement!

i think the one thing you need to do is concentrate the attention away from the city, and onto the two characters & crocodiles - maybe a lamp on the boat or something?
good luck!


well Fer, now you have 2 more weeks to keep working on it, so don’t worry! :wink:

I was looking at your image and there was something bugging me in the reflections, and I think its the moon: I don’t think that the moon’s reflection is well placed, in the reflection the moon is between the buildings, maybe it should be more towards the bottom of the image?

hope you don’t mind the crit, good luck!! :scream:


Hi Fernando,

It’s looking really good, my friend!
I love that reflected light on the bucket with lobsters, and translucency on lobsters bodies, and that red light reflected on servant’s pents and pipes! And that water is wonderful! :thumbsup:
I would add some more atmospheric effects, may be some wispy fog in the tunnel. And may be soften a bit shadows on the boat? Just some thoughts :).

Great work, my friend! And with two more weeks to go I am sure it’s going to be even better! :smiley:


Fernando my friend, your scene is looking awesome. I love the water and it’s intricately crafted reflexions. Well done my friend.


Fernando my friend, your scene is looking awesome. I love the water and the intricately crafted reflexions. Well done my friend.


Greetings Fernando,

 Only the finest cuisine is formally severed to our sewer carnivores.   

 Looking good.  Some minor observations, the snout of the gator nearest the viewer has a narrower snout than the one near the red light.  Some of this a due to perspective, but the wider snout looks more menacing (opinion).  The detail for the lobster in the bucket seems very sharp in the detailed version shown earlier but looks softer in the full image (just a function of scale?). 

Ditto on the many positive comments. :thumbsup:


Hey! More two weeks!! lets used!
Its getting great Amigo, the reflections look really cool. I think the arches are a bit to clean…maybe you can add some cracks and dirty, like on the walls. just details.
anyhow, keep it up!
lets drink some caipirinhas! hahaha:thumbsup:


wow ferx this piece is burning and turning amigo! I’m impaitent, waiting for your grand finale.

One thing I’d like to point out is water reflections come down in a straight angle, most notably the red treflection from the boat light is coming down with an angle right now, which makes it look a bit unnatural. That’s all for now buddy, and you got more time now to detail this thing, awesome!!!


Mark - Thanks my friend! I hope the red light dont be a great problem with reflections and attention on the scene. Really thanks for your great encuragement !

Jeff - Thanks my friend! I´m very glad you like the slow (hahahaha) render on my image. I need to be more fast! Thanks again for allof your support and encouragement!

Vinicius - Thanks friend Yep, you are right , the Dalila´s dress need more work Thanks!

Ralph - Thanks my friend! ( and the crocs says the plumber was delicious ! hahahah :smiley: )

Martin - Thanks for your encouragement my friend !

Kamal - Thanks for your kind words my friend. I´m working hard to match your superb concept! :slight_smile:

Axel - Thanks bro! … hahahaha, yep i like the retro design on the futuristic concepts… Again a really thanks for support me all the last weekend!! Thanks!

Remko - Thanks my friend ! I´m really appreciate your kind words, and your encouragement is a great motivation to finish this pice!

Gustavo - Thanks bro!! hahahahaha… si, no puedo negar mis raices ! :slight_smile:

Fer - Gracias tocayo!! for sure i check the Egelvidio´s left hand. Thanks again for your great encouragement my friend!

Torsten - Thanks my friend !! Perhaps with two weeks more I can match your cool illustration ( I hope :D)


Kamal - Thanks friend for your kind words!! and now i have more time

Gabriel - Thanks my friend! I´m taking note on your comments! and a really great thanks for the great support on the last stressing weekend … hahahaha

Alon - Thanks for your kind words mate ! I really appreciate it ! Thanks !

Francisco - Really thanks my friend I´m very glad you liked the concept , and glad you have two weeks to finish your concept ! great!

Hollie - Thanks for your kind words!! Is a nice suggestion, perhaps i have time to try your suggestion :slight_smile:

Sasha - Thanks my friend!! You are totally right about the fog… is a sure thing on the final image. Again, thanks for your great support and encuragement Sasha !!

Uldison - Thanks my friend ! I´m really glad you liked ! and i hope can match your incredible concept

Ralph - Thanks bro. Yep, you are right, and i´m cheking all of your suggestions. Really a great thanks for the incredible support and encuragement my friend!

Vinicius - Thanks my friend. Yes, the arches are clean, and i´m working on it in this time extension :smiley: Thanks again my friend!! ( and yes, I need a caipirinha! hahahaha)

Jeff - Thanks bro!! Yep you are right, the camera is really near to the red ligth and the reflections dont be in straight angle… ok, working on that !! :slight_smile: Thanks, really thanks Jeff for your great support my friend!!


With the time extension, i decided to work more on the sewer water :smiley: I change too the sewer tunnel, now have a glass texture to put a bit futuristic note on it and added a bit of fog as has been suggested :smiley:

(Dalila, Egelvidio and the crocs dont have the final shade Because I had to work in previous file with some separate layers)


Lovely Water! Fer wow!:eek: The light hits the right spots very very KUHL!:thumbsup:…the cristal dome, at the end of the tunnel looks greaat! adds more depth to the composition ! It didn’t need more but adds more for sure! So great idea my friend! :thumbsup: I am glad you got more time to finish this like you want it to!

Ya no ocupamos Cafee amigo! solo en las mananas como la gente normal! que espero no seamos mucho! jajaja asi pintamos mejores cosas!:bounce::arteest:


Great water achievement. Realistic in a cartoony way. :thumbsup:


It’s looking fantastic. Excellent work :thumbsup: The sense of depth looking down the tunnel is very impressive too. I love the way this image is developing


Bingo! you got it man! Water is looking fantastic… I agree mdavid to the fullest. you never fail to amaze me with your surprising posts, go get em rest of the details dude! I’m just leaning back on my chair and enjoying the show here… :beer:


Again, great, great piece, a truly extrange behaviour! Congratulations Fernando!:buttrock: