Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Fun idea! :smiley:
Maybe you could work a little on adding atmospheric haze and strengthen the uniformity of the scene. It still looks a little ‘composed’ together and the level of detail is too evenly distributed. Hope you understand what I am saying! :slight_smile: Compositionally, it’s just fine!
But as I see you plan to work on the lighting now anyway, I keep my mouth shut and look forward to seeing your progress! :smiley:


Hey Fernando, the scene is looking good, indeed.
For now I think the boat need some “ground”. It looks like it’s not touching the water.
Good luck my friend and hurry up.


Hey Ferx,

I really like what youve done on the buildings!!! :thumbsup:.If you will make the same level of details to your foreground then sure this will be a killer !..4 more days to go buddy !:bounce:.

Best regards



To echo others, the buildings and overall atmosphere are great.


wow those crocodiles are lucky! Keep it up!


So nice piece, I like the face of the butler, he looks nervous but he knows he cannot run away haha. And the lady, yes, strange nightly activity haha, though I’m sure the crocodriles don’t think that grins Well done, and the background is great, the buildings and the lights. Thumb up! Good luck in this last days! :smiley:


Jeff - Thanks my friend!! You are right, the water reflections of the moon need to be sharp and crispy. The water work is the last stage of the image… and I´m reaching that stage !! :smiley: Again, thanks for your incredible support my friend!!

Soapy - Thanks freind. I´m working extra hours !!! :slight_smile:

Ralph - Thanks my friend!! Yep, for sure i need rippless, and i dont know anything about the strange plumber, i only jnow that the crocodriles doesnt hungry :smiley:

Lorenz - Really thanks mate!! Yes, you are totally right, and i´m working in the haze and fog for the scene. Your comments allways are welcomed my friend ! Thanks for your great suggestions and for your support! Cheers!! :beer:

Uldison - Thanks my friend. Yes, the water for the sewer is in progres and i hop match the effect with the boat. Thanks again for all of your support my friend!! :slight_smile:

Raffy - Thanks friend !! Yes… a 4 really short days :smiley: Thanks again for your support !!

Kei - Thanks my friend!! yes, that crocs are really lucky, lobsters for dinner, cool!! :smiley:

Zara - Thanks for your kind words, i really appreciate it!! Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Working on the final details of the whole concept except water … and need to work fast on the water and reflections :smiley:


Looking really good! The red tail lights on the boat are an elegant touch :thumbsup: I’d love to see just a little bit more light on Delila.

I’m thinking this is heading for a superb finish. This is really nice stuff


Ferx amazing details man! keep going, i’m loving every bit of it so far :beer: Lighting in this piece is slowly revealing the real quality of the image. Simply, because you’ve made such extensive sketch research at the beginning. when it’s complete it’ll be so unique in style and a total eye candy to the viewer at the same time. :applause:


Hey amigo! How the things are going? I’m enjoying all the details in your work, great job! Maybe you can add more wrinkles on the lady’s dress, on the pelvis area. Well, looking foward for the final image!:thumbsup:


I am about to get kicked off the web site again at 12 each night! The lighting looks great!


Nice lighting effects :thumbsup: The red colors really suits the crocodile :twisted:


:thumbsup:Yes my friend, awesome detailing and use of light! I am excited to see your finale!


Hola Fer ! were’s the butter? haha:thumbsup: Looking awesome! that red light punch fantastic those “cocos” I love the design of the bote’s high lights as well! Rita and her sexy white dress its adding a great personality to her!..and the butler looks so cools to haha! the structures are showing a great volume in your composition my friend! :beer:

Ya es bandera blanca apurele!


Yeppa buddy!!!wowww this pic evolution is so, so great man!!!Indeed some backlighting on Rita could be cool.Can’t wait your final man!Love it!Come on!All the very best to you Fernando!!!:beer:


Good luck ferx, you up your level very much with this challenge, te quedo padre, super limpia y atmosferica, lo que mas me gusta es el estilo medio pintura rupestre de los personajes, full mexicano bro. me facina esos detalles de pintura en los personajes.



I can’t add much more to the comments above, your image is looking very good, for me it is the way you did the lighting the best point of your image, it is excellent, and I cant wait to see the water finished!!
my only crit, (but its a minor thing) is that Egelvidio’s left hand (our right) is holding the bucket in a strange way I think, fingers doesn’t seem to be following the edge of the bucket, or maybe yes, hehe, I dont know…
good luck tocayo que ya quedan pocas noches!!! :scream: Ánimoo!


I think I almost finish the concept this is the final previz.

Thanks to all for your incredible support and encouragement. I´m a bit short on time, but later I respond to your kind words!

Again, thanks my friends!!!


Hey my friend, your are almost there. Last update looks really cool. :thumbsup:
I am glad you are able to deliver in time.

Torsten :beer: