Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


I really like where this is heading. I guess you’ll be having little bits of moonlight reflecting off the tops of the butler’s head and Dalila’s hair? I really like how the composition is working too. Fantastic update


This is coming along very nicely Fernando… I just love the Butler pose, such a dedicated profesional, he is :wink:


Lol, great updates dude :applause: , so u changed the robot buttler eh? he’s cool…


Wow, this is coming along very nice. I love it. :love:

I think the butler looked better with his eyes open. But that are just my 2 ct.

Way to go. :arteest:



Hey Fernando,

The lady and butler look great as well as the atmosphere of the whole piece… one thing you should condiser is maybe adding a little bit of dof and maybe some haze in the back to mix the elements…

Keep it up my friend,


wow, this is getting more and more detailed. I really like the moonlight feeling!


It’s looking really nice, Ferx. The color palette works really well for a moonlit night.
Egelvidio seems a bit short once plced in your scene: In the sketch he’s got quite long legs (which I liked) but if he were stantding in the boad, his feet would be going through the floor. And if Delila were to stand up straight, it seems as though she’d be a lot taller than he. That’s okay, if you want him to be short, but from your sketch it hadn’t looked so.

Also - and very sorry to not have noted this earlier - the cat up above looks like we’re seeing it from almost a side view, even though it’s way overhead. It’s a bit trickier, but maybe a more underside angle on the cat would fit its position better? (I know it’s late and that’s not an easy angle to draw, just thought I would point it out.

Anyhow, good luck with all the finishes!


Ralph - Thanks my friend!! Your cool humor is always a great support By the way, I am a little concerned, I believe that the Elvis plumbers were carried the crocodiles, for the new leather jacket of the King (Elvis, for sure!!) … hahahahaha :smiley:

Martin - Really thanks for your kinds words my friend!! Cheers

Fernando - Thanks friend. I’m not yet decided whether to Elgevidio leaves with their eyes open or not, I am concerned that it does not note the nervous expression, so I did a test with a more butler attitude . Thanks again for your support and encouragement my friend!

Jeff - Thanks my friend !! The eyebrows suggestion its great I´m try that for sure ( a nice solution for a far detail ) And again really thanks for all of your great support my dear friend (We will have to drink a bottle of tequila !! :smiley: )

Kei - Thanks mate for your kind word, i really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Mark - Thanks my friend !! Yes, i´m not started to work on the lighting for Dalila and Egelvidio, I´m finishing the crocs and the lobsters. I hope this weekend i can work on the whole lighting on the scene. Again, really thanks for your encouragement my friend!! :slight_smile:

Raul - Thanks mate!! I´m really glad that you liked Egelvidio pose ( he is such dedicated, because he secretly loves Lady Dalila… :smiley: ) Thanks again my friend!!

Jassar - Thanks my friend!! Yes, i think the robot butler dont match the concept, and Dalila throw it to the crocs…:smiley:

Torsten - Thanks friend!! Yep, the nervous attitude its nice, I make a new try on that. Again, thanks for your great support and encouragement my friend :beer:

George - Thanks my friend !! You are right, i like the haze idea, for sure i follow your suggestion. Sincerly thanks George for take time to support me, I really appreciate it my friend! :slight_smile:

Till - Thanks mate! An honor for me that you liked the moonlight atmosphere ! Thanks !:slight_smile:

Mike - Thanks mate for your kind words and support ! You are totally right about Elgevidio and Dalila. Agree with you that Elgevidio looks better with long legs, and surely follow your suggestions. About the cat, you are right again, and really thanks to point this to me, I hope have a time to correct the perspective angle on the cat. Again, really thanks for your great support and encouragement, a really honor for me :slight_smile:


After a hard work to make the crocodiles cooperate :D, I have finally all the elements and actors on the scene.
The next phase is to work on the lighting for the characters and the lighting on the whole concept.


Sorry:blush: , I dont comment in the last update that i put Elgevidio again with open eyes and on more nervous attitude :smiley:


Wow, it’s so nice to see all the elements together!
I guess you are going to add some atmospheric effects, like fog, and may be some depth of field?
Looks very good, Fernando! :smiley:


Great to see all the elements in place. :thumbsup:

This is coming along very nice. :bounce:



Nice nice Ferx my friend! :thumbsup: Keep it going! :bounce: You have my best wishes


Hey Ferx,

Bon appetit, dinner is prepared! This fine cuisine is by reservation only. Ah it is really good to see this come together so well! :)


Hola Fer! Love the lobster and just my style fresh ! hahaha! I am happy to see them all there!:thumbsup::scream:…the layout looks great! and the boat works perfectly with the water so far, like the aligator guys they should have diferent spots to notice them from others I think… but GREAT WORK!

VAMOS! ya casiiiii! aaaa cafeee:rolleyes: esta quedando MUY padre ! super Fer sigale


Great design Fernando…good lighting and sharpness
I like the details… the cat walking over the sewer, water relections, gothic-futuristic environment… really great work!!:thumbsup:


Sasha - Thanks my friend! Yep, i´m thinking on more haze on the city and some clouds on the top of the buildings, depth of field sounds good, perhaps add an other far buildings with DOF. Again, really thanks for your encouragement!! :slight_smile:

Torsten - Thanks friend I´m glad you liked the composition ! I need to put speed on it :slight_smile:

Kamal - Thanks my friend for your great encouragement!! :slight_smile:

Ralph - Thanks mate !! You ever have a really nice and funny comment !! :smiley: I like that. Again, thanks for your support my friend!

Axel - Gracias amigo!! You are right, I´m will try to make the alligators different each one of the other (and I not named them yet … mmmm… :smiley: ) Again, thanks for all of your great support my friend!! Cheers!! :coffee de olla: :smiley:

Fabio - Thanks mate!! I´m really glad that you liked the overall concept. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: ( Y mucha suerte con tu animación, el concepto y tus diseños estan geniales!! )


Fernando nice update amigo, it’s all coming together! Can’t wait for the details, this will be a fast week for you :open_mouth: My suggestion would be working on water surface to get away from that smudgyness a little I guess. Reference images are always a great help too. run run run…

if u get thirsty :beer:


Great progress Ferx. It looks like you are headed towards a really fine finish. Go man, go.

 Hi Fernando, 

Putting on my thinking cap (ouch) it looks like some interaction between boat and water is called for via some ripples and, maybe some transparency to the water showing the water’s distortion of the submerged boat.  Also fair game is showing parts of the submerged alligators under the water though your angle of view is fairly acute so this ingredient is in the realm of artistic taste or device. 

I wonder what ever happened to that strange plumber that used to work in this tunnel?