Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Mark - Thanks my friend, its an honor that you liked the illustration !! :slight_smile: I’m working hard to put together all the elements and characteres. Again really thanks for your great support and encouragement my friend!!

Uldison - Thanks mate!! Yes, you are right about the highlights on the left wall. I´m trying to correct that ( I over contrast a layer with the lines and holes of the wall, ok, i take out that layer :smiley: ) Thanks again for your comment and support my friend !! :beer:

Gabriel - Thanks friend!! Hahahahahahah yes, another big rock on the way, caustic reflections!! :smiley: For now i´m working on the characteres, I´m feel far from the finish line. I hope 12 days are enough to finish, i hope !!:rolleyes: … hahahahaha :smiley: Again thanks for your encouragement my friend ( La neta veo bien duro esto, pero tengo que acabar, ya le dedique muchas horas, ya no hay vuelta para atrás… :smiley: )

Torsten - Thanks buddy !! I really appreciate your kind word and your encouragement, thanks!! :beer:

Axel - Thanks my friend!! I´m glad you like the sewer enviroment. I´m trying to finish the characters to work on the whole composition and details. ( and taking note on your suggestion my friend! thanks )
( Gracias Axel, quedan pocos días y cada vez veo más lejano este asunto, pero bueno, tendre que dormir solo 3 horas diarias… hahahahah… voy acabar como Victor… siendo un vampiro hahahahaha :smiley: )


… sorry double post :shrug:


Working in the characteres. This is the first pass for Mr. Egelvidio, Lady Dalila’s Butler. He is a bit nervous , I dont know for why :smiley:


And here she comes … Lady Dalila !! :smiley:
The first pass on her.


hey ferx! First passes looking nice buddy. I like your organized painting process, always good to have some order. Can’t wait to see them in their environment. One thing is maybe the right side of lady’s fore head is a bit thicker then the left, i feel like it could get slightly thinner. but not sure, further rendering could make it look totally fine too. run run run :smiley:


Jeff - Thanks my friend !! I´m change the robot for human buttler. I think Egelvidio the butler can work well and put a bit funny note on the concept ( I hope :smiley: ). And i´m check the Lady Dalila´s face for sure. (She is really seductive woman … hahahaha :smiley: ) Thanks again for all of your support my friend !! :beer:


Yes! I like the idea of a nervous butler. Makes us wonder what happened to the last butler, eh? I especially like the way you’re painting Dalila’s hands. Keep going buddy. You’re making great progress


Looking good Fernando, looking good… no critics at the moment.
Keep the good work my friend.


Nice work. :thumbsup: I still think she should end up being the dinner. I bet she’s tasty… :twisted:


Hola Fer! Hey Love the new butler Egelvidio, he will add a nice humour touch to Lady Dalila! love her name also by the way :wink: ! The white dress its perfect on her I wil also sugest some nice accesories like a bracelet, or big diamonds choker I dont know?:rolleyes: Something that will tell how spoil she is and like to have her dear ones hahaa! I am sure you will have more fun now that the characters are there!:applause:…

I si Bandera Blanca amigo! jajaja sigale con el cafe de olla y luego me invita ee ? jaja vas muy bien amigo me fasina el estilo de sus caras muy “Frida” jeje!:thumbsup:


You are doing great things Ferx!:thumbsup: I know you must be having so much fun coming close to the final image :bounce: Your characters are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them in full composition!
Keep up the Great work my friend:D


Lady Dalila looks really great, I’m so exited to see these characters in the scene, cause
the environment looks awesome, and I’m sure this will add a whole lot to the concept!
Keep pushing Amigo!


Wow good to see the characters! they’re really good, Lady Dalila looks really sleek! and the white dress will stand up well in the enviroment, I think it is the corner of her screen-right eye that is too raised, Have you flipped her already? that would help…

Egelvidio (ah quiensabe si lo escribí bien) is very funny! great match for her, lets hope he and his black jacket don’t get lost in the dark:D…


Mark - Thanks my friend!! I´m glad you liked the characteres. The former robo butler was cold for the Lady Dalila´s hot blood … hahahahahaha :smiley: and she replaced with Mr. Egelvidio ( He went to Hippy space cadets schooll … but failed :smiley: ) Again really thanks for your great support my friend!! Cheers!!

Uldison - Thanks friend !! I´m working fast like Felipiño Massa drives :smiley: Thanks for your encouragement my friend!!

Martin - Thanks mate!! Surely Dalila is very tasty :smiley: hahahahah Thanks for your support my friend!!

Axel - Gracias amigo. You are totally right, I´m working in some jewellery for her ( I´m thinking in art deco bracelet and earrings and a pearl´s necklace, a simply but elegant touch… i hope :smiley: ) Again really thanks for your great support my friend!! ( y a seguir dandole a base de puro cafe de olla… Gracias por todo tu apoyo mi estimado Axel!!) :coffee de olla: <---- nada de cervezas por ahora

Kamal - Thanks my friend for your kind words, i really appreciate it!! Your encouragement its an extra motivation to finish this concept!! :thumbsup: Again really thanks !! Cheers!!

Mathias - Thanks friend!! I´m really glad that you liked the enviroment :slight_smile: After this post i will submit a preview with Dalila in the sewer. Again thanks for your encouragement!! ( And i need to finish to drink the tequila bottle with you :smiley: )

Gabriel - Thanks my friend!! You are totally right about the eyes ( Dalila is very very angry with me, and she puts me on extra work hours! She says that the next time I´m invited to swim… with the gators!! :eek: hahahahaha :smiley: She is a bit dangerous hahahaha) Again thanks Gabriel for your great support my friend!! Cheers!!


This is only a rough previw with Lady Dalila and Egelvidio in the sewer. Not lighting yet on them. Working now on the crocodiles :smiley:


Greetings Ferx,

You have me on the edge on my seat! At last the main characters are home! Looks great! Look forward to the moonlight interacting with these two.


Argh… I must comment this again. This is gonna rock! :buttrock: I like :love:


hey, great work Fer!
its looking very good, the lighting is the best!
I noticed you closed Egelvidio’s eyes… he doesnt look so nervous now, it was a funny touch, but its looking very good anyway
good luck in the final weeks! :thumbsup:


This is looking very good as usual… :smiley: One thing could help for us to see that the buttler is nervous, even from far away: putting his eyebrows in more of a pyramid shape, and each eyebrow is curved downwards? Like the purple face in the title, but even more dramatic, just an idea anyway. keep up the good work!


The city looks really cool Fernando! Keep it going!!