Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


hello my dear friend! :stuck_out_tongue: love your night scene a lot! very well done with the illumination and the kitty cat over there! hehe … he’s really inviting us into the night! :eek:
even the rays are pretty cool too! can’t wait to see the rest of it! :bounce:good work buddy! :thumbsup:


Vinicius - Thanks mate for your kind words and encouragement !!:slight_smile: i really appreciate it.

Gabriel - Thanks my friend !! Yep, i put all the difficult “rocks” on my way … hahahahaha … and the shadows ( or light oclusion ) on the water is a one more rock… hahahhahaha … :smiley: Again, thanks my friend for your great support !! ( y si me estaba durmiendo a las 2 de la mañana , ya la aumente a las 3… hahahaha … estoy en automático todo el día… hahahaha)

Martin - Thanks buddy!! Yes the moon light has a special and magic mood for sure and i hope catch that atmosphere on the painting :rolleyes: … :smiley:

Mathias - Thanks mate!! I really appreciate your words!! and you are totally right about the foreground :smiley: i need to put extra speed on this !! Again really thanks for your encouragement !!

Sasha - Really thanks!! your words are ever a great encouragement for me and your beautiful work an inspiration , thanks Sasha!! :slight_smile:

Ralph - Thanks a lot mate!! great comment hahahahahahaha… The Elvis Plumbers are in the sewer?? Bloody hell i need warning to the crocs if they dont want to be the next snack of that savage guys… hahahahaha :smiley:

Uldison - Thanks my friend !! I´m glad you liked the buildings and really glad that you come back on the challenge! Again Thanks for your support my friend ! :slight_smile:

Francisco - Thanks a lot my friend! And your suggestion is really cool and sureley i follow it!! :slight_smile: Really thanks for your support and encouragement my friend, I really appreciate it. Cheers!!

Neville - My dear friend, really thanks. Your words are a extra fuel for me bro!! and a motivation to put magic on painting !! :thumbsup: Thanks my friend!!! Cheers!!


Working now on the sewer. I made a basic colour work on it, to have a reference when lighting, again because no time for gray tonals. Like building windows i´m trying to gain time with colour on place. The colours are not much saturated, for the nigth atmosphere, and only some oclussions and basic shadows and no much contrast. The columns and archs are not finished on colour. I added too some details and textures. From now on i paint (and lighting) feeling the atmosphere of the city … I hope that it works… :smiley:


It’s fantastic. I love the textured concrete and the bits of moss and rust. This looks like you’re on your way to a brilliant final. Keep it going buddy


Hey Fer, The hard work it’s definitely showing up! Love the texture you are going and the green stuff its perfect! All the corrosion in the pipes are really cool too, :thumbsup: it’s a fact you will end up doing something fantastic! The sculptures are going to look great with all that crazy light you got! And keep working with all that magic in your painting!

Súper Bien Vamos! y ate falta poco para terminar el BG y apúrale con tus personajes!

Aquí ando para apoyar al talento nopalero, jaja! :D:)


Hey those textures are looking awesome man! there’s nothing i can critique about your progress. So i just lift my glass :beer: You gotta run fast though, I’d say start working on the characters along with your bg now, try to evolve both at the same time. Or it might get confusing once you’ve got the bg almost done, and start painting the characters afterwards.

Another suggestion from me is try not to make any composition decisions anymore, that has to stop at some point until you’re done painting what you got already. this is the whole point of the pre-vis and sketching… I really liked the cat btw, but if I were you, I’d avoid introducing other new things to the scene, unless you have everything in your line-art already painted.

these are helpful things i discovered, and they work for me. Though, please feel free to ignore since everyone’s experience is different, you know…

hope i’m not panicing you or something :slight_smile: rock on dude!!!


Ditto on Jeff’paradox’s comments


This is coming together quite nicely, Fernando, but hurry up man! No long 'til it’s closed! Very nice and methodic work nevertheless, good stuff here!:thumbsup:


Mark - Really thanks my friend. I´m glad you liked the textures, I´m trying to take care on all details in order to match your awesome hippynaut space ship ! :slight_smile: Again, thanks for your great support and encouragement !! :beer:

Axel - My friend, thanks!! I need to put more speed hahahahaha… the BG is almost finished, and i´m start working with “Lady Dalila” and the crocs (sounds like a rock group… hahahahaha:D ) Again, thanks my friend (Gracias por todo el apoyo que me has dado mi estimado Axel!! ) :beer:

Jeff - Thanks my friend!! Again you are totally right. I´m working for right now on the composition and characters like they are on the line art. I´m agree with your suggestion, and i´m following it. Again, thanks! Your support has been an invaluable help! :beer:

Rhalp - Thanks mate!! Following the Jeff´s suggetion for sure! :slight_smile:

Raul - Thanks buddy !! Yep, i need a extra aceleration on this… hahahah Thanks again for your kind words, mate!! :slight_smile:


Im curious how this one turns out; the texture on the wall looks great, the reflections on the water are a bit blurry right now but I guess youll work that out later
I have to agree with Jeffp., put all the elements together and show us some focus points :beer:


This is the first lighting pass on the sewer, and for now i´m stop painting the background (enough for work now on the foreground :D) and focus on the main characteres.


The mood is great, I feel myself inside that sewer and I can hear the dim and far noise from the city… just great :slight_smile:


hahahaha, totally agree with jassar man!


I swear I am there Ferx. I don’t think it’s said much but the point of view in your image was good from the start, but now it is really showing how great it is. I just can’t wait till it’s complete!:bounce:


Mathias - Thanks for your kind words mate! I really appreciate it. You are totally right, I need to put all together and work fast ! :slight_smile: Thanks again for your encouragement !! Cheers :beer:

Jassar - Thanks a lot my friend. I´m glad you liked the city and sewer, and more glad that the image can transmit the feel of inmertion on it! :smiley: Really thanks my friend for all of your support!! :beer:

Jeff - Thanks my friend. You are ever here supporting me, really really thanks my dear friend!! :beer:

Kamal - Thanks mate! I´m putting all the gas to finish the concept! :smiley: (I seen the white flag, …last lap … and i need to see the checkered flag!! :smiley: ) Again thanks my friend for your encouragement. Cheers :beer:


It’s beautiful. Kind of spooky and very moody. This is already a beautiful illustration. I can’t wait to see the main characters dropping in


Great work Fernando. I just like to point the wall on the right is looking a little plastic, like in a 3d render, it might be the hightlights and I am not sure how to fix it too. Sorry… I hope this can be helpfull.
Anyway, I am anxious to see the characters placed in this beaultiful enviroment. Good luck my friend.


wow! really, really nice … I see you got a lot of reflection work coming, so enjoy!!:thumbsup:

Don’t forget to try water ripple reflections on the walls later, that’d be so cool! You would have a subtle botton light suorce to add on your stone heads!!

Great stuff Fer, I will love to see the characters arrive to this nice place!


Wow, that look really great. :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see the final scene.



HI Fer! What a great environment! Love it:arteest: The tunnel it’s so inviting, to bad there’s some crocodiles swimming in there! hahaha I like a lot the reflection and the light source you had in there, like Gabriel said have fun! And the textures seem great but I will try just to add some bit of details in the end to ensure they won’t get lost in the composition with your characters!:wise:

Me Fasina todo Fer super el progreso y el talento en tu ilustracion! sigue asi!:thumbsup: