Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


Really nice! I like the colours. One thing to note, the moon usually throws the biggest reflection on the water, often a big blinding strip of light. Great work, move fast on the rest!


Those buildings look fantastic. Cool update. I’m wondering if the coloured beams of light radiating out from the buildings are a bit ‘solid’ - if it’s possible to reduce their opacity I’d be tempted to do that, to make them a bit more subtle. But overall your city looks amazing :thumbsup:


I think at the end you’ll be the one who put the most hours to his work. I don’t remember you going any vacations or complaining about your day job :D, you just keep us posted man! And that alone tells how far you’ll go; ok, ehough kissyness, here is my 2c buddy: :smiley:

The shape of the light beams starts thin, gets thicker, and ends thin again, making them kind of look like the fire that comes out of a lighter. Also because, they have a very small fall-off, and a brighter area in the middle. A good way to handle them for me is to make cone shaped masks with NO feather, and very long - going out of screen. Then using the gradient tool with a very small opacity level many times, by pulling it from the light-source to the end of the mask, sometimes longer sometimes shorter. What you are trying to achieve is a very soft, homogenious, and long fall-off, so soft that we wont be able to see where light actually ends. then you deselect your mask, and using the blur tool with about 50% strength and with a wide soft brush, you start blurring the side edges of your cone starting from where the light ends, going towards the light source. Now, you are trying to achieve another very soft fall-off in the blurriness on the edges of your light beam, edges being pretty crisp around the light source - getting blurrier as they get away from the light source. Don’t worry about the opacity, but worry about the smoothness of the fall-off, when you get these two fall-offs very smoothly on a separate layer, you can always duplicate that layer or drop it’s opacity to adjust the final look, while playing with diffeent colors (Hue/Saturation) and blending modes (SoftLight/HardLight etc…)

The low-contrast you did on top of the buildings added a lot to your lighting I think, it works nicely. Maybe a few thin and faint horizontal clouds, like the ones in your sky, overlapping the BG buildings at the top could push them even further away, thus increasing the impact of your atmospheric perspective.

Lastly, without touching the soft blue light that’s already there, I’d add a secondary harsh rim light to the right side of the big/front building…

keep on rocking man! all those little bitty colorful lights, it’s like a circus :beer:


Sasha - really thanks for your visit, I’m pleased you like it ! :slight_smile:

Torsten - Thanks mate !! ( i need to work more fast !! hahahahah… but at the end of this challange a 2 liters tequila bottle, 36 cold beers and a sunny beach -with a lot of beautiful chicks, i hope - are waiting for me!! :smiley: )

Soapy - Thanks buddy !! Yes, you are right, and i´m taking note on your suggestion, I´m work in the final reflections when all the elements are shaded. Again thanks for your kind word and the encouragement :beer:

Mark - Thanks my friend !! Yes the light beams need a bit, no, no, a great adjust!.. hahahaha. I´m working on them trying the great jeff´s mini tutorial that he kindly wrote. Thanks again my friend for your great support !! :beer:

Jeff - how can i say ? I dont have words to thanks all your help (and all of your nice and funny comments:D ) I´m really honored my friend. Thanks for your light beams tutorial (that are no 2 cnts. are 2 dlls.!! :smiley: ) , its great and i´m trying now and the new beams looks sweet!, and surely i´m follow the rim light for the principal building and the clouds on the top of the BG buildings. Jeff, you rock my friend !! :buttrock: :beer:


A little update with the light beams adjust with Jeff great suggestions (thx mate!!) :slight_smile:


Hola Fer!:slight_smile:
Wow! You are doing it right! I think the reflections are wicked! …although maybe the little details of the structure edge might not be that clear in the water, since there will be also some movement from your boat, the light looks great in those buildings!:thumbsup: And LOVE the cat! And it’s a great directional point towards your characters. You’re going great! Keep working hard!:arteest:


Very nice progression Ferx, loving the structure and richness of the city :slight_smile: Good job on adjusting the lights, and that cat is a sweet little detail. I await more posts :thumbsup: Happy creating!:bounce:


hi ferx, your light beams are on the right track buddy! now, I’d first blur their edges a good amount where they get fainter at the top, and keep their edges as they are where the beams are brightest by the building. Also I can see them going into the very top arc, and stopping there. So, I’d fade them away a little earlier, so that they don’t reach all the way to the very top arc, instead, they end somewhere between the very top arc and the 2nd top arc. but it’s almost there, very subtle adjustments needed! keep it up bro!


Wow man! this image is getting better and better! keep going :eek:


Cool update. The background looks like a living city now. The cat is an elegant touch too. Keep going buddy - it’s coming along brilliantly :thumbsup:


HEy Ferx!!Hi,been a while and happy to be back here in ya thread!!So much progression in your thread man!!!Getting better each time!Love where you’re heading.
My only comment would be that the sky could get even more deepness if the clouds get some more light from under.With some more menacing clouds just above us.
Are you gonna work out more reflections on the water?
One more cheers!Great work Buddy!!!


Axel - Thanks my friend !! You are right about the reflections (and i’m taking note of your suggestions ) I think the reflections part will be the last that I will paint, with the all elements on place and glad you liked the cat ( I cant resist to put one on the arcs :smiley: ) Again thanks for tour great support my friend!! :beer:

Kamal - Really thanks for your kind words, and for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! Cheers mate!! :beer:

Jeff - Thanks bro! Yep, you are right, i´m correcting that ( I wasnt good student in your light beam class …:sad: … hahahah :smiley: ) - and now i’m really putting attention in your suggestions my friend !! And again, really really thanks for all of your support my friend!!!

Jassar - Thanks mate!! I´m really glad you liked that stage of the concept. Thanks for your encouragement my friend !! :beer:

Mark - Thanks my friend !! your words are always a great encouragement for me and your work is an inspiration to keep me in the way my friend!! Cheers!! :beer:

Remko - Mr. Remko: I’m really glad that you returned to the challenge:) Like Mark´s work, yours are a great inspiration for me and for stay in tune with “fearless painting” :smiley: . And your suggestion for the clouds is cool !! Thanks again my friend for your support !! :beer:


The painting its coming along really great! keep it up!


Wow what a grat splash of moonlight on the water, It will look amazing once the boat and gators project their sahdow on it…
I liked a lot the lights and the yellowish glare at the bottom of the buildings, great touch!!

Siguele asi… ya casi llegamos…:surprised


Oh yes! You could really do magic with the moonlighting here. I like moonlight. :love:


hey Ferx, the buildings in the bg are turning out great…I have always problems when I do such city scapes so thx for explaining how you did it :wink:
but hope you don`t forget about the most important thing before you run out of time: the foreground! ;p



Oh, you have a kitty on one of the arches! Nice detail!
I like that the lower part of the city looks warmer then upper part…


Greetings Ferx,

Great work.  Can’t wait to see the figures. Though I miss the insects (I just like most bugs except parasites).  

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Greetings Fernando,
everything are looking good, specially those buildings, they look fantastic.
Keep the good work my friend.


I like the cat on the arch, it adds to the tension. You did a great job on the water surface, it gives me that eering feeling and I can’t wait to see crocs swimming on it and creating some ripples.

My suggestion is to create some fog starting from the bottom of the buildings in the background and gradually thinning towards the top to give it some more depth.

Overall it’s looking great! Nice work, my friend!