Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


I like your pallete, it kinda reminds me of batman!Good luck.


Vinicius - Thanks mate!! I hope can found that changes here and there :smiley: I´m glad you liked the whole composition, and thanks again for your encouragement my friend! Cheers!! :beer:

Jassar - Really thanks for all of your support and encouragement !! Yep, a bit dark city ( I ever liked that dark city scenes, like in the first Batman’s film and “The Crow” film (first part):smiley: ) Again really thanks my friend!! :beer:


Hei Fernando!
Great looking perspective and camera angle! The Idea of your concept is really good and
fits perfectly under “Strange B”!
Good luck!


Alright!!! my fellow painter ferx got into the mood at last :smiley: From now on all we are gonna see is eye candy, I can tell. great choices with your light sources dude! They’ll definitely make you happy during painting. I’m digging the city lights and your water already, can’t wait to see more, keep rockin and rock fast! Cause I want you to create an increadible piece, and I’m sure you will! :beer:

p.s. city perspective looks great!


yup yup im with Jeff! visual eye candy i must say! very good choice of colours bro! :stuck_out_tongue: … the night scene really works here! :eek:

as for the water … have you used a plugin called FLOOD ? it will reflect everything! and plus with your creativity … you can do much more! :twisted: … check it out dude! hope it helps ya!

flood description :

there are more plugins on flamingpear will surely be of help in some way or the other! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck to you bro! :thumbsup: have fun! :bounce:


well it worked well!! you have neat looking skycrappers already, they glow so pretty.:smiley: I’d say that really saved you some time, and I like the patterns a lot, I always have trouble trying to make buidings look like real life designs instead of a bunch of squares…What about the front one?

Such a nice night scene, This calls for some Blues…:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Mathias - Thanks mate for your kind words! I´m really glad you like the concept! Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

Jeff - what can i say? you really engourage me !! you are a great support (and inspiration) for this concept!! Really really thanks again my friend!!! Cheers :beer:

Nevill - Thanks buddy!! i ever apprecite your words!! and many thanks for the Flood plug info (really great!) you rock man! :buttrock:

Gabriel - Thanks my friend !! I´m really bad making buildings, but the high level of this challenge push me really futher from my “comfort zone” hahahahaha :smiley: (and my concept have all the elements in that I´m quite bad hahahahah :smiley: ) About the front buildings, i´m working in the windows design. Again really thanks my friend :beer: ( and tequila!!! … and rompope!!)


Hey you’ve updated. Cool! Great to see some more progress. The building lights look great. Keep 'em coming buddy


Mark - Thanks my friend !! Surely i need to acelerate my work hahahahah …:smiley: … no more free weekends for now… :sad: … but I have really fun with this challenge …:rolleyes: … hahahaha :smiley: Thanks again Mark! :beer:


The windows design for buildings was finished and now i’m starting to detailing the buildings. I dont have much time, no time for a gray tonal value for the buildings. I make a simple gray contrast in order to have a deep guide when painting the cityscape, and start from far buildings to near, and in that way i go to increasing the contrast and details. I have a little advantage with the night and moon light, i can work on blue tones for the buildings, and the lights of windows and other objects, they will put the colour notes and the secondary lighting for the scene :smiley:


This looks great man! So beautiful patterns, i got lost in the city while looking the picture… This image has a very strong style, now it’s being revealed with the paint too. You could also try dropping the contrast just a little towards the top of the buildings, with a feathered mask. That could create some more atmospheric perspective between the ground level and the top of the buildings. just an idea anyway… nice work!!! :beer:


Hey Ferx, looks amazing! can you tell me how you did the windows? I was never able to make them this good :scream:


Nice work Ferx, that background is really nice. Bring it on!


It’s coming along beautifully. The scene is looking wonderful - atmospheric and moody and interesting. I was pleased to see you giving yourself a bit of a promo in the building lights too. Excellent stuff :thumbsup:


waaaow!! amazing background Fer! great great job, all those little windows…

maybe you can turn the light from some of the windows off… they are spending a lot of electricity in this city, and nobody sleeps at night hahaha! no wonder they go all mad and go to feed the crocodiles… :twisted: :smiley:

the panel with your name looks great btw, and it’s a new and interesting way to add your signature, hehe


Jeff - Thanks my friend, I’m very glad that you liked the city. Your suggestion is really nice to gain deep in the background , and i follow for sure :thumbsup: Again thanks for all your time and help ! ( I have a large debt with you :slight_smile: ) :beer:

Jassar - Thanks mate!!. For the windows i make patterns with square brushes on photoshop and put the patterns on the buildings using Transform/ distort and perspective. For the cilindric forms i use transform / warp over the patterns. :slight_smile:

Soapy - Thanks buddy !! I need a great background to challenge your strange and superb toys my friend !! hahahaha :smiley: Again thanks mate!!

Mark - Thanks a lot friend! For the lighting billboard I wasn´t have any good idea for some text and put my nickname :smiley: Thanks again Mark for your encouragement :beer:

Fernando - gracias tocayo!!! Yes, for sure i need to adjust the lighting of windows and turn off some of them ( The electric bill for that city is for millions hahahahaha :smiley: ) Thanks my friend !!


Hola Fer! se ve esto super bien! te merese todo el rompope del mundo y de las monjitas! cuando termines! jaja

This is going very COOL! love the style, the drawing and the painting its blending perfectly! the buildings are fantastic! I want to se cat woman jumping from one of those high ones! hahaha jk.:slight_smile:
The shapes and the source of light it very inviting, I like the whole concept of it! Maybe you will have some time to expend in how exactly you want that water to glow and all those reflections to work more at your favour, but you are going perfectly well! The moon it’s so shiny and pretty, maybe that’s why there’s some weirdo rich woman feeding alligators! Great post!:thumbsup:


Finishing buildings and adjusting lights and windows. This is the basic city. The water and reflects are only a temporary previz. I need to work now on the sewer texture and colour… the time is running fast :smiley:


Like very much where you lead this one :thumbsup:!

No comments from me this time, just looking for more :slight_smile:


Background is looking amazing. :thumbsup:
Way to go,