Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Fernando Porcel


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Latest Update: Final Image: Lobsters for Dinner


FerX, it’s awesome to see you here. Best of luck with your entry, this theme should be fun to take on.


Thanks Terro ! Great to see you too, and good luck !! :thumbsup: … and I can´t wait for see your first WIP ! :slight_smile:


My basic idea is to show the insects, in particular ants, like masters of the earth :slight_smile: . The concept is an ants using technic objects on small lizards


Hola es bueno ver otro mexicano por aca yo tambien entrare al concurso en unos dias mas


Hola Alex, si, es bueno que estemos algunos de la misma "banda"´por acá :slight_smile: espero podamos comentar y criticar nuestros trabajos :slight_smile: . Saludos.



A sketch with more detailed characters


hey, great idea! definatly strange behaviour! :thumbsup:
You could add some luggage, to make it even more unbearable for the poor beast :wink:


This made me smile :slight_smile: great concept!!


Playing with another idea …


Wooow ! a great concept man ! a very nice idea with much posibilities. In my opinion the first idea ,the pilot ant with a lizzard and mechanical wings, is really cool. Buena suerte !!


I´m working arround of the same idea, visualizing different variations. Now I focused also in the ambientación and atmosphere.


woow, beautiful! Great concept (is really strange behaviour :slight_smile: ) and atmospheric sense :thumbsup: Keep the good work!!!


Hey you got a good idea, i think if you mix the ant concept with that moody atmosphere you’ll have something great! And i actually like the last one with the mean wasp too. a very different approach…



Surreal mood to that concept - look forward to seeing the final product.


Working now in the posibles characters for the illustration. I’m thinking in a queen ant looking at her loyal soldiers flying lizards :slight_smile: )


Testing some colour…


Nice sexy ant queen!! I liked your sketch :thumbsup:


hey ferx, this looks promising, good luck ¡¡¡


An other variation about the same concept. Ants skaters on dragonflys …

I need to decide what will be the final concept :slight_smile: … suggestions are accepted !! :slight_smile: