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Hi all! I’ve decided to join this challenge, as I think I should have time this summer and I like this crazy topic…
Here are 2 first ideas:
in the top one, we can see a teddy bear in the typical superhero pose on the top of a building, it should look a bit menacing, looking down to the city… it could be a teddy bear or a teletubby, I think the teletubby has more impact but it’s not my own character, so I’m not sure…
The second one is supposed to be a sad image about a mascot being abandoned by their owners in some lonely road in the middle of the rain… but the mascot is a rhinoceros (I’m also considering a mamooth)
I will try to make some other sketches soon, I’ll show them here


Hi Fernando,

nice… youve joined :) Ideas sound promising so far... cant wait to see more. I just also had one for you… how about a funeral scene of a old and used soft toy that just got buried by it`s owner :scream:


I like the first idea a bit more!



That one of the rhino is very fun! but i think you should show the car leaving for it to be more clear, even if it’s faraway a that moment.

for thr bear i thought that if you change the angle and you show him standing at an open window, then behind him we could see the room and the little kid sleeping from whose bed the bear had to sneak out to go doing crime fight, that would show more of his alterego life, you know, a must for a superhero story!

see you around!


Good luc for the challenge elmafseo. Your 1st concept is intersting but I must tell you that has benne done in a very similar angle by a great french artist called morja.
Anyway good luck for your challenge


Thanks for the comments guys! :slight_smile:

mmm too bad the first one has already been done by morja… thanks for the info, authentic, I was checking his website and couldn’t find the image you talk about, but saw a lot of similar ones with a teddy bear… you wont have that image, do you? because even if I didn’t know morja before today I don’t want that someone thinks I am copying his work… maybe if I changed the composition and everything… in fact the only thing I liked for the moment was the idea, the composition and the camera angle was completely provisional…

steviewoo, I think you are right about the 2nd one, it’s not very clear what is happening, I should introduce something else… and I like a lot your idea about showing somehow the 2 lifes of the teddy bear, with the kid sleeping behind, I have to try to sketch it, and maybe it’s also a way of making it different from morja’s one… thanks :thumbsup:

Essen, thanks for your post, I need your opinions continously, hehe, that saves me from actually thinking :smiley:

theuni, thanks for your idea, I like the soft toy funeral idea, although it can be a bit tetric, mmm… thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi elmasfeo. I tried to find the picture but his portfolio is out of order. In fact on his website ( you can see a very little part of it. It’s the last purple square on his banner. It’s purple and you can see a teddy bear with a wrap. But I think you can keep your idea in another situtation/composition (at the window ??)


i will go with rhino one.U have more scope in that concept I think.Best of luck buddy:thumbsup:


ok, here are some additional ideas:
-teddy bears mafia style, playing poker maybe
-superhero teddy bear again, with the window showing his room, and in profile view (I would need to try harder with the pose :P)
-Rhinoceros is sad because he wants to go out, but his owner keeps playing videogames and he doesn’t play with him any longer…
-superhero needs to use the underground to go fighting crime because he did a hole in his flying cape when he was ironing it…

Thanks for your comments, cubisis and authentic, I still haven’t decided which idea I should follow… thanks for your posts and for your help authentic! :slight_smile:


Hey Fernando!
Nice to see you join the fun amigo!
I will gladly follow your progress.

That superhero in a train concept is hilarious.
Maybe he just can’t fly, run fast or web sling, or maybe he just doesn’t own a super car/jet… When you are super strong you still need transport, right? :smiley: :smiley:


Fernando - long time no see!!!

I like the Rhino and superhero best so far - Good luck and I will be keeping an eye out for your thread



Hi Fernando… I like the super hero teddy idea… maybe you could even overdo it a bit like binding him some sort of rescue rope to the leg and the teddy itself would have some sort of omg this is high expression in his face^^ nice sketches… keep going


Hey fernando let me tell you something…
If i was all evil and rotten i would steal your Rhino & kid idea and use it to conquer the world.:twisted::twisted::twisted:
That’s how good i think it is.

The lighting effects would be so sweet!.. and with message… oh boy!


I love the superhero sketch… So much possible here!

Keep it up mate!


I vote for super hero on metro too!
Keep workin on,
mim, :thumbsup:


mmm… the superhero in the train is getting the most votes and it’s the one I liked the least…:surprised
anyway, I have another idea that I want to try to sketch later… this phase of looking for concepts is the one that I enjoy more of all the challenges…

art2 - and I will gladly follow yours! nice to see you here too :slight_smile: …yup, that’s the idea, to show some superhero with one of our everyday problems (like transport)

Gord - hey!!! yes, it’s been a while, thanks for stopping in this thread! :slight_smile:

theuni - hehe, thanks for your ideas again mate! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

steevie - hehehe, Im glad you are not so evil and rotten, and that the world can still breath free without being ruled by a rhino and a kid :smiley: - thanks a lot!!!

MVDB - thanks for posting here!! I love every piece of art you produce, thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

- thanks for your vote! I’m glad that you like the idea, good luck for you too!


Here’s another idea, the idea is to show some kind of hermit (I just learned this word hehe) that is supposed to live alone in meditation. The stylites, like Simeon, were supposed to spend a lot of years on top of a pillar, so the strange behaviour would be to bring that story to nowadays and place this hermit in the middle of a city…
Then I thought it could look good if I painted half of the image as day and the other as night, and add a dog in the day part and a cat in the night part…

I’m doing some sketches of the superhero also, if I like them I’ll maybe post them later tomorrow

thanks everybody for your support :slight_smile:


Another funny idea!

May be you could try to add lighttrails of all the traffic. As if everything is moving fast, except for the hermit.


really nice idea & sketch… I like the profound story behind it :slight_smile: