Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Elsa Svendsen Remund


Elsa Svendsen Remund is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Please don’t eat me!


Cub having feelings for the poor fishi…


:slight_smile: This is a lovely start:thumbsup: Keep it coming!


Thanks for the support =)


Sweet concept :slight_smile:


Greetings Smellmirra,

Very fine idea and execution, the reddish color around the pups mouth and in the shadow areas is a bit too red (blood like) unless this is more gothic than I assume.

All the best!!!


aww… it’s looking very cute


yeah, I intend to have the color brown instead of red around the mouth :slight_smile:
thanks for the support! all comments =D


Hi Elsa, They’re so cute and the concept is full of emotionality. Keep going! Good luck!


Thanks Soner Yurtseven! :thumbsup:


So sweet… :slight_smile: I wonder what happens, when the little bear gets hungry? :twisted:


sketching the rest of the drawing.


Martin Nielsen! that crossed my mind too! lol ahuahauhauhaauh
I see u’re from Denmark, my greatgrand father was from there!


Should the bears on the back stay or go?..
Please give me your opinion


Well the current composition already moves the focus from the exchange of thoughts of the little cub and fish.

Perhaps extend the width of the canvas to the right, move the fish and cub on the right-lowest cross of the thirds and let the coast and the direction the other cubs are looking (and the walrus) lead the eyes towards the happening.

edit: Hahaha, that’s a cub holding a fish in his mouth…what the hell, walrus.


I’m going to move it around as I continue and see what happens


I too thought it was a walrus at first glance :smiley: . But MadGiraffe is right the intimacy of the first shot is completely gone. Wider canvas would be your best move on this. Best of luck! And nice work Elsa!


a quick sketch on positions, just to visualize things


a quick sketch on positions, just to visualize things


a quick sketch on positions, just to visualize things