Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Don Dixon


Sandpiper Thanks man! It has come a long way, although my days of ending a project with a smoke have come to a close, or atleast I am hoping! :wink:

nwiz25 Thanks a ton man! Don’t worry about missing some of the progress! I am just glad for all the kind comments and really apprecieate the motivation!

SteevieWoo Thats great! Thats all I ever really want to do with the work I do! Make peeps smile!

jasondesigns There is time to do more, but at this point I created an image I am happy with, bu twho knows :wink:

Frotze Great! another smile! I am happy to hear! And I wish you a good continuation as well!


this is awesome! that fish has a cool expression :slight_smile: and the worm really seems to have the right cowbow attitude!! love the detail of the fish hook… keep it up. best of luck! :bounce:


I like the latest render - much nicer contrast. The colour is working very well - good stuff! :thumbsup:



hehe, I like the new bearded worm, and the hook on his belt…
great image, Don, congratulations!!


chaitanyak: Thanks so much!

Gord-MacDonald: I am so glad u dig the higher contrast, this was really fun to work on!

elmasfeo- I figured the worm was just asking for a beard, you can’t be the rough and tough John worm and not have atleast a little scruff! :wink:


Here is a wire frame render I did for fun.



Congratulations Don! A great work you’ve done. Cheers!


Hey Don, just now checking out your whole thread, very cool. Like I told you, the final image turned out great, and congrats on getting front page on 3dtotal!



looking good Don,

I like the latest image better than the others, the fish look much better. Colours look good to me. Keep up the good work.



element5 : Thanks so much I am glad you dig the colors and its workin for you, as I have said before this was a real blast to work on!

BKLARK: Thanks dude! Means alot that u dig the image, and frontpage on 3dtotal was an awesome and totally cool surprise! Now if I can just get front page on CGtalk! :wink:

ashiataka: Thanks for taking out the time to check things out! And cheers to you as well!


Grrrrrrreat work Don!, love the exprsesion on yor characters, those sharks on background are priceless, and congrats on 3dtotal.


Hi Dondixon, i must say the image looks good so far but make it great.
Lack of depth in the sea makes the image look flat. You have beautifull characters and the image looks dreamy but don’t stop now.
Good luck and have fun.


Very cool! I love their expressions. Great job!


Ramitxon: Thanks so much! As I said before the 3dtotal thing was a fantastic surprise! This is my last day on the front page over there, so I am soaking it up! :slight_smile:

guero: I am glad you are pushing me to push it further, but I have so many other projects and when I get in the mindset that something is finished its hard to go back in, although Lately I have been taking old sketches from my blog along with old animations and revisiting them, so who knows maybe I will go in and make some additions! :wink:

Minnhagen: Thanks so much! The main purpose on this was to make a great image that makes people smile, so hearing people tell me great job, feels fantastic!


Hy Don! Great image! I like the colors and the subject. Cool entry!


Aww this one is sooo nice! :smiley: I like the colors you finally chose, very rich! And so the light. Well done!


This is a great piece… I like how you can put expressions…



Thanks alot guys! All the entries for this challenge really Rock! Thanks for everyone’s comments and inspiration!



Hey man just droppin by to show some love. This things over, at least one of us finished. Good work :thumbsup:


Thanks Jason! You know, you still got some time left! Getter DOnE!