Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Don Dixon


OKMER Thanks man! I like ur ideas on more cowboy indian themes, hopefully that will be something that I can explore!

MeekWarrior Thanks dude! I think the lasso is a cool idea i just dont know which of these fellows would hold it! :wink:

SteevieWoo I am glad you are diggin the eyes and the model, I tend to stay away from modeling and just stick to drawing so this has been actually kind of fun!

Gord-MacDonald Thank u sir!

Neubius More progress to come i hope!

jasondesigns You will end up smoking me in the end dude! Giant bannanas chasing monkeys is far stranger then my piece! LOL.

Sandpiper Thanks man! I am actually surprised on how well its been going, I started this new job where everyone has these kick ass abilitys so maybe its the pressure of keeping up? LOL or maybe some of its starting to click and rub off on me! :wink:

Avatarist thanks man, you know whats funny is that I was gonna call it quits at the initial 2d rendering which in fact was partially 3d, but I am glad I decided to push it further!

DanielSLimon Glad u dig the presentation!

Thanks everyone for the great ideas and feedback! Its a really strong motivator to get this thing moving!



Very cool!!!


ops, double post, sorry!


I added a saddle tonight and thought it might be cool to use fish hooks as horse stirrups, I am sure our Cowboy John Worm, will keep his distance from those, or atleast proceed with caution! :slight_smile:


I like the saddle… I think fish hooks for stirrups makes sense to me. Looking better and better each day!


Hey don, Im glad you pushing the concept further… but stirrups require ‘feet’, so I dont think they are reading right. But I like the idea of using riding equipment.
Also, They might look really cool if you exaggerate their proportions alittle more. Check out
Aleks Kirilenko’s worm.

Kepp it up! :thumbsup:


Very cool! Lovely designs of the fish and worm!


Thanks Sean! I agree, the fish hooks dont’ read as stirrups but its just another visual element to make the composition more interesting to look at, a secondary thing, so I infact might just scale them down a bit to keep John Worm and Buck Fins the central characters.:slight_smile:

Thanks Bobby! Huge fan of your stuff!

I am currently learning the ways of the displacement map and hopefully will have up dates very soon!



Maybe to make the fishhooks read better as stirrups, you should make the saddle a bit smaller and not hang so low. Then you can have those stirrups sitting up higher and you can make the barbs dull or broken off, rusty, etc. - like the fish found em somewhere on the sea floor. Just an idea since you seem to want to keep the hook and saddle idea in there (I think it does add another element of fun personally) :smiley:


Love your models. It’s looking great. Fish hooks could also make great substitutes for 6 shooters on the worm.


Hey Don great models, I love the fish, it´s great, and really nice expression for the worm rider !! :thumbsup: Great work man!! . Looking forward for more great updates !


I was playing tonight with displacement maps in studio max and othere texturing to give the fish more wrinkles in the eyes and make him a lil more like a cowfish thats been around the block a few times.


Sandpiper- Thanks man! I am not totally in love with using the fish hooks, I can easily through and idea out the door if its not working, I think my best bet would to stay as close to my intial illustration anyway, the hat I think is cute, makes no sense at all but thats what was in my head, the saddle bugs cause the perspective I want to use for this shot doesn’t really allow the viewer to see it and it doesnt really help sell the idea any further. I am sure a solution will come to me after i finish this beer. :slight_smile:

breadwig Thank you sir! Love the fish hook six shooter idea but I dont wanna give my worm hands, maybe I can incorporate it in the worm tail end, most likely I think I am gonna axe it! :slight_smile:
Glad you like the models, I am expirimenting with displacement maps right now, I never really played with them before out of fear of not knowing what the hell I was doing. I also tried some touching up in Zbrush but for this project I think I may stay away from that, until i know zbrush better. :slight_smile:

Ferx Thank u as well man! I will do my best to keep showing the progression!


You have some very good character designs there. I think the first reaction of most whenever you see 3d cartoon fish these days is Finding Nemo, and personally when I saw the first colour sketch I immediately thought it was a Dory rip off, but now that I see the model, it is very unique and very well done.

Have you given any thought as to what colour the fin will be?


I love your fish and worm characters. They have a huge amount of personality. And personally I think the fish hook looks excellent :thumbsup:


Hey there Don! great work!
Hmm what is it??,… I don’t know…yep, the pupils, they look smaller now, i have to say that the all dark eyes of your previous un colored renders had a little somethig so wonderful I can’t describe now… I know you didn’t meant them to be all black (I wouldn’t mind that:)) but maybe if you grow the pupils, you know, so there is less white showing…
mmmm… I think the eyes had that ‘cowfish thats been around the block’ feeling in those first renders, even before you added the wrinkles on his eyelids, so maybe you could check if this works for you…

Weeh… hope you get the idea, this is really hard to explain, more a feeling than an idea I gess…:shrug:


Here I more progress with texturing and what not, It was mentioned that someone liked the all black eyes so I think I will keep them, I want to put a really nice reflection on them but right now its not giving me what I want, could be cause there is nothing in the scene to reflect yet,…duh! lol But even when I tried to map an image to fake one it was not giving me the results i wanted, anyway lots more to do, model sea enviorment, rubbage, or wheels, maybe and old bottle of whiskey or something. FOr now here is where I am at! :slight_smile:


i know nothing about modelling, but from an artistic point of view, i think all they need is a little squash/stretch to dictate a sense of movement, right now they just look as if they are sitting there! or some motion blur when you photoshop it wouldn’t go amiss (tastefully done, obviously)


texturing and colors coming along really well.And I agree with hollietree about the squash and stretch wud add juice to ur work.:thumbsup:


dondixon: “I’m not much of a modeler”

sandpiper: “PHOOEY!”

This is looking great man! Personally I’d rather see regular eyes with big pupils and irises. :eek: Something about the black takes away the personality of this. For instance, now you can’t rotate the eyes in a certain direction to help show what kind of emotion the fish has. It also looks a little “dead” with the black eyes, but that’s just my opinion. :wink:

Glad to see you are pushing yourself with the 3D. Gotta put yourself out there a bit to get better right!!? :thumbsup: :thumbsup: