Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Don Dixon


Thanks Brian! I like the saddle idea! And I will see what I can do to push the fish expression. For now, I must sleep!



I adored the colors, and I adored the expression of the personages
seem same to be great friends
for more strange than it can seem
I go to follow the project, is very good, congratulations!



Thanks so much for your comment! And yes these guys are the best of friends, by nature they should be brutal enemies like cat and mouse, but instead they are freinds on a quest for the golden sea horse, a master of the ways of the wild sea, when they meet him they will learn the key to unlocking the gateway to the underwater town of gold and sea dreams, where they will live fruitful lives as adventures of the deep blue sea. OK I just made all that up but sounds pretty good right?

Anyway I am still going to try and model this painting in 3d for my final, but just in case I don’t make it, at least I will have a finished illustration for the competition.



So I am pushing forward and going to try to model my scence and possibly use the illustration I already have as the inspirational work for the final, No matter what I still plan on taking my 3d render into photoshop to try and push the image further. For now here is the begining of my fish model, I am not a strong modeller my thing is animation and illustration, but we will see how it goes! :slight_smile:


It’s a good model! much better than the first, but let me say, i would have loved to see it 2D, so don’t forget your Photoshop to achieve that moody look of your sketch!

Have fun!

Your avatar scares me…


this is really moving along - good work! :thumbsup:



hehehehehe :applause::smiley: cool smile mate! very eye catching! :stuck_out_tongue: like ur concept as well :love: especially wen its involving best buddies of the opposite kind!


Just pushing the model a bit more, I want to begin on the worm next week so I hope to get this guy looking tight before then. The design is a little differnt then what was in my initial illustration, but I wanted to try and go in a diffrent direction with it anyway.


cowboy becomes fishboy hee haw.Thats a cool idea.will follow ur thread .Best of luck:thumbsup:


LOL sorry about the avatar! And yea no matter what I end up with 3d I still plan on goin into photoshop to push it further, I basically am going this route because i have time and Figure I need to practice on my modeling skills anyway, its fun. Hope u LIke the newer fish design!

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and comments!



Your pic looks so awesome, and keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what comes next. And have thought of adding a lasso?


Your avater rock’s!!!haha, loved that part of almighty Bruce:-)))
Anyway, cool idea and nice fish man!Indeed the last one seems to have more personality as the first one.
Maybe could be cool to bring in some more cowboy/indian feeling in the pic with some far away saloon with some fishies hanging outside or some wormy crowd.just thinking up loud there :-).Good luck man :beer:


More progress with the models, working on the worm still.


That’s a fish with a nice, fulfilling life, i can see it in his eyes! much more than you see in real fishes that always seem to be looking for their lost wallet:shrug:. Anyway what I wanted to say is that you did an outstanding model of a fish!:thumbsup: I like him a lot.
See you!


I like the progress here - great stuff!



great modelling skills dude. loving the progress


Yo Don really nice progress man! Great modeling… I gotta get on trak, your gonna smoke me man. :thumbsup:


I don’t know what you were so worried about Don! Your modeling skills seem to be just fine to me! The key is to get the personality of the character across in their expressions and I think you are doing that great so far…


Really like the simple idea and especially the way you’re working through it. The 2D is great and the models look very much like they’ll live up to your initial concept. Don’t forget the worm’s little tooth :smiley:


WOW! nice presentation, i like it! :thumbsup: