Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Don Dixon


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Welcome and Good Luck! :bounce:


Thanks! My concept is simple, its going to be a worm wearing a cowboy hat riding a trout or fish of some kind. Done in 2d with a cartoony style. I am hoping to post progress soon!



This is some of my progress for the Strange Behavior competition, Concept is simple. A worm with a cowboy hat riding a fish. :slight_smile:



Thumbnails to play with different compositions.


This is the fish design of my illustration.


Yo Don, the fish looks cool man. Do you think you will make the sea BG, sort of western-esque? This could be too corny, maybe the worm could have a star fish badge or something. Anyways Ill keep watching… :buttrock:


I think he needs some “hands” (I don’t know the appropiate word in english)… other than that, lovely design, I like a lot his face… also, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was 3D, great shading!
about the composition, I like the sketch at the top-right…
good luck with it! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments!! The Fish is actually 3d and I am bringing it into photoshop and painting over it, just using 3d to help with light sourcing.


Two Buds on a trip to the wild reef.


I changed the sign a bit to make it stand out some more, still not sure how I want to make the composition stronger, hopefully something will spark in my head.


Hey Don, I like the addition of the sign… somehow it makes mw feel like I want to see the ground too. Just an idea… Cool work tho!


Looking good…maybe add an environment. Imagine a fence made from “coral”…they could be jumping over it. You could use an old “anchor” or even a “bike wheel” that’s been dumped into the water.

Keep going.



The worm’s facial expression is hilarious. I think it would be nice if you could make the fish’s face more excited like a rodeo bull. At the moment, he looks rather sedated compare to the worm. Nice concept. Good luck.


More progress, I spent tonight adding more visual elements to the shot.


I like the addition to the sign, and the idea about the sharks in the bg. I feel like the sharks arent quite working yet in the composition.I think right now they are competing with the sign to me. maybe the sign could be in front… so the sharks on his trail are more dominant. They could be off in the distance kicking up dust like a posse of desperados. That my 2cents man! Keep it going man.


Yeah dude. This is really turning out to be hilarious. Great characters. Push the worm look so everyone gets the relationship of the fisher’s worm to a fish…right now it looks like a parasite hanging for a ride (which could be pretty funny too)

So you’re not doing this in 3D eh?:shrug:


Thanks fellas, I agree the sign is distracting now, id like to keep the sharks instead so I will see what I can do about it, also I did very crude 3d models just to get a base down that I painted over for this, but jesse’s challenging me to try and model it, LOL I still dont know.

Thanks for the great feedback!



Hey Don, this should be cool. You can really go off with the expressions. I really like the worm’s expression, the fish could use some more excitement, and maybe a saddle? Good stuff!



More exploring of composition.