Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


wow! :eek: now that’s what i mean … ‘she’s got the look!’ :eek:

very well executed! :applause:


I’m really happy with the result after you chose to go back to the more cartoony version.

Did you have any idea what she was so upset about? I think if somehow you nonchalantly weasled that in (If you could) it would give it more background, and background is always cool for an image like this.


Hey really a great idea and equally great work in developing the idea so far. That Fairy’s mean face really is perfect, I wouldn’t mess with her!

Just an idea though that popped in my head, maybe instead of the fairy actually zapping someone she can be just sitting at the bar like you have her, with the mean face, and next to her is a guy that is obviously trying (or has tried) to hit on her. He will have his hands up in the air (like he’s immediately chosen to stop making his move suddenly), because the fairy is reaching for her magic wand. Around them on the bar can be a bunch of frogs (I mention frogs because you had one to appear in one of your comps) that will indicate that here are all of the other guys that tried to hit on her and look what happened to all of them. The only thing I’d say would probably get that particular idea off would be if the fairy was slightly more seductive, (but definitely keep the face, it’s nearly perfect!), which would lead the viewer to understand why the guys would keep continuously hittin’ on her. The bartender could even have his hands up trying to let the guy know not to mess with her.

Hey just wanted to drop in that idea I had to maybe give you a few more potential directions to play around with for your final piece. Again, great idea and best of luck to you in winning this comp. I’m gonna be droppin’ in my entry soon, but still workin’ on my prelim. drawings right now.



Great concept and interesting development. Looking forward to seeing more.


Just getting better and better! That wand action is wicked! Her expression is great!



It is a very good work, the research for the angle with the 3d is great, the design of the character, close to the cartoon is made a success well and finally, the choseof colors is excellent. Really a good job, i waits for the nextupdate


Thanks a lot for all your reply,
I took this 1 month 1/2 pause cause I had good job ! First time I reconnect myself to Cgtalk since this last moment ; I come back on the challenge soon, with more good painting-skill due to my last job :stuck_out_tongue:
hi hi hi ( ok, I dream , lol )


Great work. Maybe, close a little bit more one eye so to give a more “drunky” look?


Aaaaaaaaabsolutely fantastic :applause: exellent idea and great images so far :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward for the next wicked steps :bounce:


J’adore l’idée et j’ai hâte de voir la fin .Good Luck .


Dude, what happened?!? Where are you?! :curious: You don’t have much left to do, finish this!


I love little fairies they are pure, kind and beautifull, a strange behavior would be to see one of them angry , having a beer … smoking a cigarett.

My initial project was biger, but, I have a lot of Cg jobs, and I can only put few times to complete a result. For the pleasure to participate.
Special thanks for Walrus , my ‘Cg Guru’ and for is post that remind me the end of contest :slight_smile:

  • David


Hey David, really nice concept!! I like a lot your style and the angry fairy design and expression is really cool!! Congratulations for this great concept and good luck!! :slight_smile:


hehehe nice! I like the texture and light of the beer. Good luck to you fellah:thumbsup:


Hahaha, this is very funny! Great job!! You have my best wishes!:thumbsup:


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