Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


Haha, That barman is priceless. Whatching your piece develop is getting real fun. :thumbsup:


After the barman, a bit of modeling of brush on the fairy to find a design less cartoon for her face.


This one is getting nicer and nicer!

Love that barman!


I actually thought the previous design, the more cartoony one, worked better. The frown was stronger, for one thing. Also, in this new version, it’s not clear where she’s looking - vaguely off screen to the right? Not sure what’s there… In the earlier version, her eyes were shifted more towards the background, the area with the person she was zapping and the bar-man, which I felt spoke to her actions better.

Also, might be nice to see the person getting zapped in a pose that says “I’m getting zapped” more. Maybe spreading the fingers in surprise instead of curling them up into balls could help? And perhaps not such a perfectly symmetrical pose might read more natural?

Anyhow, just some random ideas. Hope you don’t mind… Great work so far, David! I especially ove the swirld of the magic!


Awesome you’re joining the challenge! I am LOVING your entry so far! Keep it up.


I LOVE IT!!, that fairy is soooo bad ass, also the way you have done her wand and the magical frying of the person, soooo wicked!!


Heh, that’s one ‘pissed’ fairy you have there DeeVad!

The angle is very dynamic and the lighting looks superb already! I’ll be watching closely to see how this’ll progress.

Good luck with the challenge!


Yes, it’s getting better all the time :thumbsup: She don’t take crap for sure!


follow ur thread

one of my favourite



the last one feels great… i love the fairy and the spell effect… her hand seems strange though… keep it up


edit : double post error while loading picture


ok, I keep the cartoon design ; best so far ! Thanks for the comments and Help Walrus :wink:


DEfinitely this fairy is not having a nice day, and people keeps pissing her off and getting zapped. I’m enjoying watching your thread immensely. :thumbsup:
I think the cartoon design has improved the image. Keep it up my friend.


The cartoony look helps a lot… last sketch looks very good…


Good call from Walrus. This version looks definitely better.


Definitely, the new cartoon face expression is way better! I have been watching your progress and I love your concept! Keep it up! :scream:


I agree with the others. This new face works definitly better for your concept. By the way, nice painting!


I’m in :love: with that little fairy - great stuff. I personally liked the middle progress image with the Big bartender. Also when she was sitting on the helmet.



Kudos for that mug coming back:beer::beer::beer::beer:!

Cheers everyone!


It reminds me those old Disney cartoons. The light is very good! Only some changes here and there and it will get better and better.