Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


i like the composition and idea.


Great sketches and concept! I will look foward the process. Good Luck!


coming up nicely.Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:


That seems well left all that, to follow.


Hi DeeVad, imho in your last composition test the farie is to much in the center and she should be near of a focal point, also the guy next to her takes to much atention because his face is indeed in the upper right focal point area, also the barman is to near to the border, try expand a tiny bit to the right, also that could help your fishey perspective (wich is very nice). Another issue is characters are to condensed in a single area and thats makes the are a bit bussy and makes the farie to have less interest in the composition. Try to free a bit the bar table also.

Honestly i liked much more she casting some magic for some reasons: A) spell lead the eye to the focal point making perspective to look much more interesting and scene much more dinamyc. B) Bar area breaths more and compositions locs more balanced C) i think it is more emotive and can help a bit to make the athmosphere more atractive with lighting generated by the spell, also can let you play with secondary characters expresions much more. In the other hand she shouldnt be alone in the bar. If I were you i will place the guy in the left corner of the composition bleeding to the rigth and show some bagground between he and the faerie but to do so canvas should be expanded a bt to the right also but all this is just me.

Those are just my two cents for now, I like so much this entry so far, I hope I explained this well and can help you somehow, my english iis not very good.

Wish you best luck with your entry, Keep it Up.


Its looking sweet David…but if I may comment, its looking a bit cluttered with the mugs…maybe just put a few so it won’t block your bg characters that would also help in establishing the atmosphere of the bar…


lookin real good! :thumbsup:



Last days I watch old “western movies” and I particulary liked those smoked earth and yellow colors.
So, I decide to go on that way and keep some “smoky warm sheme colors”.
I glue here a first painting pass of the barman.


Hi, fantastic color use for this Line-art, Bravo !!! :love:


W-I-L : Thanks

Nemesix : Thanks, now I just gaussian blur my sketch and add some colors and layers to obtain the base for painting the ambiant. I made lazy process, hu hu.

Cubisis : Thanks !

Tranchefeux : Thanks Eric !

ReinaldoRomero : Thanks , you show me the right way to use I’m sure, I will do it, and already start it ! Thanks to advice me.

Kei-Acedera : You are right, I remove a lot of mug. Thanks for your wises posts !

Gord-MacDonald : Hey , hello ! a long time I didn’t see your avatar since my last Daily Sketch period ! ( autumn 2006 ) Thanks !


neurolinked : Thanks a lot !


Hello :slight_smile:

I really REALLY like your piece so far :thumbsup: Especially that little frog-like thing on the table is a nice detail. The colors rock as well :buttrock: So rock on…


Your painting rocks :thumbsup:


Ahahahahaha I love the frog!

Beautiful concept, I subscribe your thread !


Wonderful start, great atmosphere and characters.


Wonderful character designs…the bartender is extreemly expressive. Good job so far.



This is looking great, David. Are those chalk brushes your using to do your painting? It’s a really nice, textural feel. I like the warm lighting too!


yup! i’m with everyone out here! :smiley: that cute frog really blends well … even the bartender … the icing on the cake ( the fairy :p) … in fact … all these elements compliment each other in every way! … so its like if one of them is absent … it will sure look as tho somethings a miss :eek: very well played! even that hazy atmosphere thats normally seen in bars adds a lot of mood! … correct me if im wrong … but theres also a nice depth of field thingy goin on back there … very very nice! :applause:


Ea, very atmospheric and charismatic idea, just perfect !!!


Lol, I love this concept, one of the best here for sure. You know what would be funny? If the guy she’s zapping suddenly turns into a frog midair, so you have the outline of the man with a transformed frog caught in the magic beam…seems like something she’d have fun doing. Or maybe not even affording him the dignity of froghood?

Either way, I’m going to keep an eye on this thread!