Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


I turned around another way to introduce other characters, and aiming the scene on the strange behavior of alcohol… (A)
But, I don’t like it, so will keep my original idea. I will keep this new Barman. (B)


nice work buddy.Best of luck for the challenge.:thumbsup: wud surely follow ur thread


Grrrreat David. Love the small little creature on the cask of beer. Maybe you could put some glasses upside down and empty, indicating the strong drinking qualities of this ill tempered fairy.


I like your style of drawing! Nice barman indeed… :thumbsup:


LOL! Great concept and sketches! This fairly is so funny!



fido972 :Merci !

M477 : that’s a good idea about the glass, but if it come bigger it hide a lot of part of my picture. Refraction and caustic are in my ambitious ( ouch ! ) it will be 2D breaking head [B]and “mental-sick ray”

Kei-Acedera :[/B] Thanks to follow my thread ! Did I say you that’s I’m a big big admirator of your art and Bobby Chiu one at Immaginism Studio ? Now, that’s said. :slight_smile:

eclipse115 : I change the design of the Bartender following your advice. Thanks if you like my tutorials.

SteevieWoo :
Work with fairies too ? link of your thread please :wink:

Vahn: Wish to do that with 3D ? I use Blender a great 3D free & open-source software with a lot of easy tutorial on internet. I learn it fastly. You should try, 2D/3D workflow is perfect ( for lasy drawer as me , lol ).

zilla : painting over 3D come soon , really soon ! thanks !

chrisbeaver :
hehe, thanks. For the reason of angryness of the fairie, it will be the last detail, at the very end of the painting.
I don’t want to reveal now what she is so angry that she must alcoolise her head.

Elendil_le_Grand : Thanks, I use this 2D/3D chaotic technic more and more. 3D is perfect for my lasyness about background , lol.

Ramitxon : “strong drinking qualities” -> make me laught a lot. May be the title for the end. Your idea about glass is great , I keep it for the next update.

MVDB : thanks, I like your style of drawing too ! Thanks for the barman.

DougFerreira / Cubisis / authentic / icedeyes / Ramitxon / Silveraxe / theuni / HFix / SteveTsang / :thanks and sorry for listing your name, each one of your post are important, but it’s my only answer ! so thanks, it give me more energy on my project.


The barman is much better and really enhances the mood.

i love the little hairy guy on the bar too :smiley:


This is coming along nicely David…


Hey, David, this is coming along nicely! I like how you’re using the 3D with the fish-eye lens effect. I had the hardest time getting that to work on the last challenge! :slight_smile:

One idea for the counter-top: It might be nice to have the empty mugs a lot more scatteesr around. Some tipped over, some spills, instead of all sitting nicely upright.

Also, I really like her mood and expressions. The sketch of her alone is really great! When it’s all put together in the scene, the anatomy of her screen-left arm (the one on the bar-top) feels wrong. The upper arm seems too short, even shorter than the upper arm on her other arm, and there’s not a lot of persepctive from this angle to account for it being so short. The screen-left forearm seems a lot longer compared to it. Also, it might be nice to have a bit of a bend at the wrist rather than just a straight line from forearm to hand… If that all didn’t make sense, I could do a draw-ove,r but only if you’d like one, no owrries if you don’t. :slight_smile:

Also, I really like seeing the big bulky barbarian next to her. The shot where she’s zapping the person, he loses all personality… maybe something halfway inbetween would be a good solution, where we can see someone large reacting to being zapped? That could be fun!

Anyhow, good luck with it!


hey david,nice sketches u’ve got here,i actually agreed about what walrus mentioned above,i kinda like the angle u’ve captured here and personally,i like the big dude beside the fairy,compositionally,it works better with him around,nice to see some attention on details around the environments too.keep it coming mate,i’ll be awaiting to see more:thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments David! I like your drawings very much!I will keep watching…


If you kept the barbarian you might be able to point out how strange the fairy’s behavior really is byt having him drink milk or a fruity drink with an umbrella.

Definitely agree about spilled and scattered mugs and her arm length.


Ok !

I will keep the barbarian , cause the idea of eclipse115 made me laught ( the barbarian drink some fantasy milk& fruit cocktail = lol ) and cause you are right :

His presence his best for scaling the fairy size and add sense to the composition.
Thanks Walrus and MichealZHsee, your opinion are really important for my work.

Note : for the fairy arm anatomie

  • I think I will made her sitting on the bar , best for scalling her down, so I’m going to change many things, I will ask you a paintover with pleasure and honnor soon when all will be hard.
    hi hi It’s a confortable jocker to have it on a project !

I come back with a best drawing soon, thanks friends :thumbsup:


Just some ugly pasting to see if it’s a good way, please help me, I think I have to crop a large band on the left ( picture)


i love the way how you can put a composition together with all the key elements even in the sketch form. I also think the interior of the bar is coming along very nicely, great hints of perspective and space…

great work!


I like the idea of her sitting on the bar. Her anatomy will need some hashing out once you’ve decided on where exactly she is.

I like the extension on the left but now there are too many mugs. I would definitely remove the mugs on the left of the screen and reduce the amount on the bar.

About her leg: her thigh seems a bit short.
About her arm: still same issues (I know you’re working on it :wink: )

Something I noticed and maybe I missed the explanation but why is her braid “floating”?

The extension is good if she’s sitting on the bar but if you decide to put her back on hte bar stool then I would crop it and move her closer to the viewer.


David I thin that if you want to keep the focus on the faery she’ll had to be luminous or something else (playing with colors or light) because with the mugs and other characters she could be lost in your picture (even you crop a little on the left). It would have been simpler if you have kept the faery alone with the barman which moreover add an idea of this guys who stays at the bar till the end even there are alone.
I’m very curious of the final result.


Glad to see you there too :smiley: !!
I LOVE your idea !

Have a nice challenge ! :wink:


i think i like concept B best… the distance and the magic will keep the focus on the little pissed off fairy


Thanks Icedeyes for your comment, when I get up I try different setups and the B is still the best for ideas. So : Exit the strong villager :wink: and close-up on the fairy , and her problem.

Now, my hollidays finish tomorrow and I have an huge project to make for a video game (all months to september). Time will be rarefull.

I will speed and surely post a final to test this evening, modifications will come tomorrow.

eclipse115 : Sitting on the bar is logically good, but about emotion of the piece, presence of my character… It’s total disturbing perspective… I see it at morning.
I will work on the anatomy of the fairy ( arm ) and thanks for your and Walrus and MichaelZHsee precious help.

  • Braid floatting, are a fun detail about her magic spell, as static electricity, it will appear better with the future version I will post in few hours.

authentic: Thanks for your reply, light and color will be considered soon, I think your right about light on the fairy.

Pierrick : Helloooo Pierrick , Thanks ! I will finish soon, but I will stay to comment till the end.