Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


I really like the upset faerie!Good Sketche!


This competition isn’t short of quality :slight_smile: Love what you’ve done :slight_smile:


ahaha this one made me laugh aloud! It’s brilliant, really nice idea :smiley:

good luck!


Your concepts are looking awesome David! Its also great to see you joined here as well…You’re gonna make really cute fairies I can’t wait to see more progress…I’ve posted up my first thumbnails finally!


fun sketches :slight_smile: cant wait to see more


I like the swooshiness (is that even a word) of the bar and the room. Nice movement. I do like your first bartender better though. This one’s neck muscles freak me out :eek:

Can’t wait to see it . . .

btw- found your tutorial today and it gives me a new method to try . . . thanks!


I project to add a lot of glass of beer in my scene, that’s why I will manage them in 3D on a first step…
Cheers !


I used a basic technic after the modelisation of a simplist “inn” :
the camera look on a mirror sphere to get the fisheye effect to all my lines.
Now I have a good base for painting.


Hi dave!
like your concept a lot! you should have seen my first sketch of a girl in love plucking out wings from fairies instead of petals from daisies:D! it was so twisted i couldn’t make it work but yours it’s gonna do justice to all those abused fairies… it’s gonna be cool…I’ll be seeing you.


cool stuff deevad…i wish i could do that :slight_smile:


Oh WoW! Looking great David!


Nice first start in 3D… can`t wait to see the first brush strokes on this draft :thumbsup:


Yeah, David, C’mon…loooking grrrrreat.


looks great so far… tha bar has a great mood already


Since the speedpainting, I had to redefine my main subject : " the fairy"
Here the result.


Thanks for all reply, even if my 3D is not brillant it will be fun after some painting on !
I so much want to reply each of you, but for the moment my eyes goes to sleep. I will reply tomorrow for sure.


hello david, I recognize your style. That’s great you’e in the challenge. I lie your camera effect and you fairy is excellent too.


Hi David! I love your painting style it’s beautiful! can’t wait to see what you do over your 3D. Great concept!


I have a feeling you’re gonna do well in this challenge :slight_smile:

Why is the fairy angry? If there’s a reason behind it, maybe you could convey that somehow in the image and have that much more depth to it.


Your method is very interisting and is inspiring me for the future …