Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Revoy


Thanks for replies.
Change point of view was a inspirational idea. So, I developed my project.
Feel free to give here your opinions, thanks.


OMG that’s one creepy fairy! I love the frog’s expression :scream::bounce:


hey david! :stuck_out_tongue: gotta love the concepts you posted :love: especially the one with fairy’s facial expression … very cool! :smiley: looking forward to more updates :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers dude! :beer:


Hello David,
I love the angry fairy and the concept. Could you make the poor victim a little more visible? Maybe in a little early stage of the enchantment? Anyway, just a guess. Good Luck and have fun.


pretty spiffy here! it made me smile. good concept.

hehe all i have to say about the piece is, that’s one MEAN drunken fairy. :stuck_out_tongue:


This last sketch/concept is looking very nice. Keep it up!


[left]The last one is really great, I like her angry expression :slight_smile:


looking great so far


yey here he comes! Your best concept so far!
Nice coloring and facial expressions ^^


nice! funny stuff


nice perspective… just some simple thoughts: Maybe she could hold the wand more limp-wristed. The pile of empty beer glasses could be right behind her resting against the wall. The result of careless beer glass throwing :slight_smile:


Yep, you find the right one, maybe we can better see the victim if she rise him on the ceiling.



c’te déboite encore !
ça calme ça comme sketch !


That’s a much better point of view; I love the fairies face, its perfect, keep going with it!


Good concept but the central character looks strong contrary to the previous concept sketch. Maybe your character would gain to seem more harmless
i’ll like your drawing style.
good luck


It´s getting better and better, man!


Hey hey, thanks, the frogs will be fun to draw. For the fairy, it’s so funny to draw a face like this. hi hi

Thanks, I think it will be my concept to work on, a lot of work to redefine all line and do a clean rendering.

Yes, that’s a good idea UldFerr, I think I will draw a decomposition of all the transformation stage to make the link more easier in the head of viewer between transformation / frog.

Drunken fairy ; it’s a good & simple title ! thanks to found it :wink: Happy if this illustration make smile.

Hello friend ! thanks for your reply, I must take more time in other thread to post :smiley: Thanks for your encouragement.

Great ! thanks for this comment.

Thanks you, I hope I will do my best rendering on it.

Thanks for the colors ! Mimic of this fairy was so fun to draw ! I hope to not destroy it with my other layer of fine details.


That’s good idea , I will see if I can adapt them to the drawing without making confuse some parts.

Rise him on ceiling ? can be interresting for the composition ; a nice triangle of hot point.
But hard on one picture to make understand… I have to test it in the sketch. Thanks for your advice.

Merci, I learn to sketch like this with training some time ago on the “DailySketch” forum on CGs. Nice place there.

Thanks !

Your right, I must make a character design for this one, he is not enought rich in detail to represent the “I don’t know how to react” Barbarian Barman. I will sketch more soon.

Thanks Nigio !


Superb as usual :slight_smile:
Good luck for the next …


yes. i’m waiting for your next sketch.
Bonne chance!!:slight_smile:


Ha, Love it! I kind of liked the view of the fairy sitting on the helmet more, looking tiny at the bar. But then I did see your latest sketch first so maybe the scene was already set…

Either way I think the idea is great and you have nailed the title, truly strange behaviour… Not just strange.

Maybe you could make her a lot smaller by having her holding a shot glass which is almost as big as she is. You could do some cool stuff with the refraction through the glass too. Nice work so far, very well thought out