Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Harrington


“Such a monstrous nose, said they, had it been a true nose, could not possibly have been suffered in civil society – and if false – to impose upon society with such false signs and tokens, was a still greater violation of its rights, and must have had still less mercy shewn it.” – The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Stern (1713-1768)

“Among the numerous stratagems by which pride endeavors to recommend folly to regard, there is scarcely one that meets with less success than affectation, or a perpetual disguise of the real character by fictitious appearances.” – Dr Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

A man whose volatile passions have distanced him from polite society has sought a solution to his problems in the self-serving writings of assumed wise men. These men, forging from flesh and bone and prejudice the modern science of physiognomy, have described how the external appearance, particularly of the face and surrounding regions, reflects the inner character. In these words he has learned that his is the face of a choleric man, which advertises to society that he is in possession of strong appetites and given to impetuous and wilful outbursts. So surrounded by the shadows of his obsessions, the self-diagnosed choleric submits to the compulsion of his temperament and readies himself to cut off his nose to spite his own face. His vainglorious pride, the very thing he hopes to amputate, has led him to strap himself into his physiognomist’s chair, with the stark reality of his damning profile beside him and the modified craniometer, designed to measure the man and guide the cut, over the offending anatomy. According to the theory, in so modifying his visage, this will be his last act as a choleric man, after which he will not have to look down his nose at himself any longer. And true to his prescribed character, the only concession to the consequences of his actions is the bloodletting bowl in his lap, there to catch the ill humours that so trouble him.

My thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement throughout the past four long months. And now I am off to cut the lawn - it is spring here and the grass is very long and I’m sure my neighbours are not impressed :slight_smile:


Honorable & Cogent David,

Deeply moving, still, madding, lonely and desperate. I feel a sad kinship to him. This is undoubtedly one of the most upsetting and strange behaviors possible. Beyond his action it is a reflection of tragedy based on misconceptions and social bias. Your writing and image really send a powerful message. Congratulations. :applause:

I found this odd but related story on the web, it gave me hope for him in a surreal way

“A man with a wooden nose knocked on my shower door. I peered round the frosted glass but couldn’t hear what he was saying. I tried to turn the water off but the shower knobs had disappeared. Without a word the man unscrewed his nose and gave it to me. It made a perfect shower handle.” - samsara


WOW what a concept!! is really deep and meaningful an so well exacuted! I can’t think of a better and more elegant way to show this moment … not gory, but brutal nonetheless… and the Rembrand-like mood reminds of other moments like that… Just very well landed!!
this is a great image.:thumbsup:


I loved this one from the beginning, and i’m so happy to see you finish in time! You captured the mood brilliantly, and I love how it stills applies to our everyday life of appearances and prejudice. It’s the kind of work that you just can’t looking at without holding your breath (and eventually die if you forget to breathe again, but it’s just a matter of practice, really). Anyway, wonderful entry, strange behavior all the way, and good luck for your lawn. :slight_smile:


Excellent picture ! Great lighting and modeling !
The topic is great too !


To me this image gets the nod for most shocking. I wonder how he would look if he wore Groucho Marx eyeglasses, nose and mustache? I guess that would reduce the shock but maybe make it funny, always a hard balance. Anyway a great image! Best of luck :slight_smile:


wicked! i personally wouldnt resort to chopping off my nose. but hey if he is that sure all the power to him! great execution!


great finish, the whole mood is just perfect for this scene
his room feels quite small but thats what makes it so intense; hes sitting in his own little world and no one outside knows what happens inside
good luck man


What a great picture, can’t understand how I’ve could have missed this one from the beginning.
Good luck now!


Wow. Really disturbing work. Great job! 4*


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