Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Harrington


I can’t believe that i miss this thread.

Impressive work David! Models, textures and lightings are perfect.

Slapping a 2d or photo interior scene on the background would be a great add on.

5 Star.


I’ve finally rendered everything out and started to comp and touch up. I’ve overpainted the wig, which was the part I was most afraid of, so it is all downhill from here.

I’m also going to rerender the background books as some are too bright/clean (some of them use the cover from an early edition of Dr Johnson’s dictionary :slight_smile: ). The blue one will also go - it seemed like a good idea to add some colour variation, but as it is the only blue thing in the picture, it grabs too much attention.

I had flipped the picture several times while doing it but hadn’t liked it too much. Now that it is almost done, I prefer it flipped now. It looks to add more depth for me and seems more left-right readable. Unfortunately it reversed the writing on the diagram and bust, so I’ll have to rerender those passes.


Awesome! I also do prefer the flipped composition, and the addition of the bookshelf really helps filling that blank space. Areas that catch my eyes : the shadow on his leg gives the feeling of it being cubic. The one casted by his head is also oddly sharp. You probably know this already, but to my experience, shadows casted by the moving flame of a candle tends to give soft shadows. Perhaps it was only a less-time-consuming choice to render them dead sharp, since area lights obviously take more time to calculate, but softening them further would help a lot, in my opinion, especially in the areas I mentionned.

Looking forward to your next update!


impressive update, the face turned out great and the overall lightning is beautifull
I´d crop the image a bit on the right or add some smooth reflections there; its a bit too black in that area I think
cheers mate


Looks great. The low-key lighting really sets the mood. Maybe add needle and thread so he can sew up after the fact, maybe that’s to much clutter.


Very nice finish. Well done.:thumbsup:


Funny and at the same time disturbing! Well done!


Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.

Karko: it’s funny, at the beginning my first idea had been to put the drawing on the panel beside him, but in the end I decided that for me this was too blatant and I hadn’t wanted the drawing to intefer with the cast shadow. With it on the table I guess a viewer has to work harder to find the story so I don’t know if it is the right decision, but at this point I’m afraid I don’t have time to change it as it would require changing the composition on the table.

Cabertevon: thank you for your kind comments - I’ve never got stars before :slight_smile:

Frotze: thanks David, especially for pointing out the shadows. I am learning XSI as I go on this one and had decided to deal with shadows with a shadow pass. In the end the shadow pass didn’t work well (not sure what I might be doing wrong) and I had sort of forgotten about them being too sharp in places. I’ve re-rendered with an area light (renders take about an hour at 4000 pixels high, so not too bad) to soften them up a bit (not too much though, as I want the profile to be readily discernible).

guterrez: thank you and you are right - the right-hand side needs some variation. I’m not to keen on cropping it closer as this would feel to me like it was severing his left leg (even though you can’t see it). I think I will add the barely visible highlights of a long curtain - more colour variation than obvious shapes.

Korendo: thank you - I did have some other objects to include (callipers and ink pot and quill) but just couldn’t fit them on the table in a pleasing way. Although this is the result of an obsession, the final act is compulsive as per the choleric type, so I wanted him to be a bit divorced from any thought of the consequences - the bleeding bowl on his lap is the only concession to that.

MartinNielsen: thank you - almost there :slight_smile:

Nemesix: thank you - funny and disturbing is good :slight_smile:


Id say that the element of your piece which brings the best out of it is actually your intense research on the subject. You’ve compiled great references and have the essence of the idea well thought of. Great job!


Great responses! Keen wit! Ha Ha

“obsession, the final act is compulsive as per the choleric type, so I wanted him to be a bit divorced from any thought of the consequences” I am so glad he wants to stay male! :wink:

Look forward to your artist statement. :lightbulb


I’ve re-rendered the reversed parts and painted over a few bits and pieces to clean up ‘odd’ shadows and the like. Also softened some of the shadows and added a very basic curtain on the right to break up the solid black.

I think this is about it - I’ll just sit on it for a few days and see how it looks with fresher eyes then.


Cose-up of the man.


And a close-up of the bust - I don’t think the phrenology details show in the low res jpeg.


a very impressive modelling, david. it’s all very dramatic and disturbing…in the right way…great textures ( is there any meaning in the writing on the parchemin? looks like it…tried to read it onyour close up but too fuzy). did you painting the hair of the wig? real nice combination.
one note on the close up of the mannequin head, as the light area of the book create a tangent with the mouth of the mannequin, like it’s sucking on a pencil, breaking a bit the reading of the face…
i say well done, sir!!!
good luck, mate.


i was watching this for quite some time man. i tend to be quite on the forums for some reason but its turning out to be quite the piece. desturbing and funny at the same time. it really plays on how cosmetic surgery is the thing with ppl in in the spotlight. great work. i really dig everything here.


David, “to put the drawing on the panel beside him”, it’s just an idea because, in fact,the shadow of man is very expressive and has an Expressionist effect that is more in harmony with your subject…

(Man’s shadow seems to be that of Alfred Hitchcock!)



Hi Dave,

I do get a dust feel from that image. Here is a dumb poem I altered as a humble offering.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Shortening your nose,
May be the end of you!


OH MY!! . . . Cool and terrible!!! It makes me say…WOW and BRRRRR…


[font=Arial]Sure looks like he is going through with the self inflected nose job. It does make me wince. Eeek! :eek:


Thanks for the comments - I’m all done and will be uploading the final very soon.

Fyra: thanks - sometimes I’m sure I prefer the thinking than the doing - I really enjoy researching behind a subject.

Korendo: thanks man. “I am so glad he wants to stay male!” - this reminds me of a book I read in which a man of the cloth resorted to this because he was having troubles with his vows - I just can’t remember what book it was, which will do my head for a while! And I laughed at your poem - a very clever epigram indeed and fit for the drawing room :thumbsup:

olipaf: thank you and well spotted. I’ve adjusted the book by lowering it - I would have just painted it darker, but I was also unhappy about the way the corner of it met the corner of the man’ elbow. The writing is mostly a shopping list for parts, but there was a small rant about being held hostage to his nose and an anatomical dedication to Lavater, one of the fathers of ‘modern’ physiognomy. The wig is a paintover - I was nervous about getting it to integrate with the 3D but was happier than I expected about the way it came out (my 2D skills are so rusty).

Slav: thank you - I hope you can finish yours on time.

Karko: thank you, and you are right - it does look like hitchcock!

OZ: thank you - good luck with yours.