Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Darko Hanzic


Hei Darko
Amazing , wonderful , awesome , really good .At the first sight I didn’t see it was 3d.
If all 3D could be like that . Bravo and good luck


DougFerreira: Thanx for the encouraging words. I had a lot of diffrent ideas, but this one was the most dominant. so I decided to pursuit it. Good luck to you too.

ashiataka: I really appreciate your kind words. Texturing was probably the most time consuming part and I really wanted to go into details and try to go one step further, than usual. Good luck with the challange man.

r1-381: Hey man. Thanx for your words. I learned alot working on games, and you would be suprised how tehnical game developement can be. But all in all it is fun and you always learn something new.

scala:I really appreciate your words. I am glad you like it. 3D can sometimes be tricky to do right, infact this is my first full image with story to tell.


Here are some of the color textures I did for the scene.


Normal maps generated from models and or painted from height map, for additional details.


simplified view of layers in photoshop, just to show how was it all composited into final image. Most of the models have been rendered separately with specular, reflection, shadow and ambient occlusion passes. Than composited in photoshop. Some of the effects, shadows, fog and reflections have been painted. Backround is a combination of photos and painting.


Because of the polluted water in the nearby area the crows have mutated. The environment filled with radiation caused the birds to become aggressive. So they wreak their anger upon nearby scarecrow, who frightened them. Scarecrow tries to escape, but it is stuck in the mud. The rest is your own imagination :slight_smile:

I call this the final image. At some point you just have to say it is done, or otherwise you are constantly changing something:)) Comments and critiques are appreciated.


Yes, the textures are great !
You did also a great job on compositing !
A really nice final piece !
Congrats Darko !


congratulations mate!:applause: :scream: very informative work flow! the way you handled everything with the modeling job and texturing is really cool and well planned! wishing you the very best of luck! :thumbsup: cheers! :beer:


Great work, I think you have a good eye for detail. I am impressed with it:thumbsup: I only have one opinion about the toxic sludge that you have in the ground. I would make it stand out more because the sludge helps tell the story completely with out a naritve. The sludge also explains the reason why the scarcrow is alive to begin with. Of coarse its only one mans opinion :slight_smile:


Great piece! The color palette and the light is awesome. Very well done. I’m sorry for the scarecrow, poor little thing. I have enjoy the process a lot, the ligh, the textures… Good Luck!


Indeed very nice and well executed work man!Congratz on a great finish! Cheers!


This looks like a winner to me…love the mood



Hey Darko, :eek: simply incredible image!! I love the whole concept. Awesome polluted environment! Superb light and atmosphere and cool composition. I like a lot your style and your palette!! The expression for the scarecrow is great!! Congratulations for this amazing and superb artwork!!, surely one of my favs! and best of luck!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


gpepper: Thanx for the replay man. I really appriciate your feedback.

nwiz25: Thanx mate. I am glad you like the workflow. To be honest it wasn’t exactly planed from start to finish, the way it looks now. It was more like trial and error and adding stuff that looks good. It is basicly the first full image, and I did alot of experiments to come up with final look. The hardest part was to render and composite the whole scene. I learned alot and I plan to do full tutorial in near future.

Artisan-Hawks: Thank you for your constructive reply. I am happy that you like the final image. I wanted to emphasis the toxic sludge, but it was way to agressive and the picture lost it’s focus. It would stick out too much if you look it from far. Thanx for you observation.

Nemesix: Thanx man. I am glad you like the colors and lightning. It was also my favourite color choice. Maybe scarecrow will eventually run away:) Who knows?

OKMER: Thanx mate for your kind words. I am happy also that I went trough the finish line.

THECLYKE: Thanx man. For me. Finishing the picture is already a big win.

Ferx: wow you are making me blush with your kind words. I sure am happy that you apricate my image so much. Thanx.


Hi Darko! Great image and concept and texturing and modeling and everything! :thumbsup: I hope you don’t live too close to the Krsko powerplant though :eek::wink:


Still one of the best, I just admire the amount of detail-work… :thumbsup:


Hey Vatrobot. Sorry for the late replay. I have been very buisy. thanx for the kind words man, I really apriciate it. Fortunatly I don’t live to close to Krsko, so I am fine:), or am I?:slight_smile:

But lately there has been so much talk about environmental problems, and us destroying it, that I had to make something that will reflect todays main topic. And Krsko power plant served as an inspiration about radioactive vaste.


very interesting image, well done :applause:



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