Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Darko Hanzic


great looking crow really luving the texture! gluck with the challenge!


jicks: Thanx for the encouraging words man. Good luck to you too.

I did some more work on scarecrow. This is the wip process in zbrush. I already had a good base mesh, so this was very quickly. I used high poly to bake normal maps, which will substitute bump map.


Final high poly mesh in Zbrush. I did piece by piece for easier baking inside maya. I used transfer maps to bake normal map.


The next step is texture. I will add some more material variation, once texture is finished. Still lot’s of stuff to paint.Coments and critiques are much appretiated.


I had more time to work on my picture. Here is the final camera position and some of the elements which will make the final picture.


A test render of a scene. And lightning.


A test render for scarecrow, which will be composited in photoshop. Coments and critiques are appreciated.


WOW! cool stuff! Very good mood in this image! i like it a lot and the idea is simple but very cool!:thumbsup:


After sleepless nights and long lasting hours behind my monitor, I finally managed to finish this illustration. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and gave me some feedback.

Because of the polluted water in the nearby area the crows have mutated. The environment filled with radiation coused the birds to become aggressive. So they wreak their anger upon nearby scarecrow, who frightened them. Scarecrow tries to escape, but it is stuck in the mud. The rest is your own imagination :slight_smile:

Good luck to all participant in this challenge. It was fun ride and I learned alot. I will post more work in progress as soon as I get my sleep.


I did some more progress. I added ambient occlusion pass on most of the stuff. Changed the character pose, to make it more dynamic. Birds have now different wings position. Added new flock in the background. New bump map for the ground. More fog in the back. The drinking crows are bigger. Fixed clouds. Final resolution is 2296*3450 px.

Here are some close up shots:


Hey guys.

Because The deadline has been extended, I did some more changes to the overall image. The character has tilted head . Birds are more dynamic. I added new flock. The ground have new bump map. Most of the stuff has now ambient occlusion pass overlayed. I was playing with the fog and environment abit more to change the mood of the picture. Here are some of the close up shots.


More stuff.


Update bellow:


AMAZING FINAL! very detaliled. I Like a lot the “classic illustration” look. Everything look very “painted”. Great work on the palette too!! the graphic works well with the idea…cool.


Nice Picture. Very dramatic mood, I like it. Beautiful color scheme.
The Lightning is not very accurate because the sun position but who really cares…
I definetly like the symbolism about black birds and scarecrow.:thumbsup:


Awesome picture ! The character is excellent ! Great modeling and texturing job !


OZ: Thanx for the kind words man. I really appriciate it. I was not too sure about the color pallete at first. But when I was combining more elements togheter, this where the most suitabile colors I could find.

Carbone: Thanx man. You are right about the lightning, hehe. Now that I look at it The sun should be more on the left. At first the initial idea was to do the main light from back, but because the resaults where not satisfactory, I changed the light direction. Thanx for pointing that out. It is so nice you noticed symbolism between birds and scarecrow.

gpepper: Thank you for encouraging words. The character was the hardest part to come up with, I am glad you like it. I will soon post some textures that I used in the scene.


the skare crow affraid of crows?!!that’s a very nice idea in my opinion!good luck on final judgement!


Hi Darko! All the detailed modeling and texturing are great. The expression on the scarecrow is very well done. Congratulations on finishing this fantastic piece with creative idea! Cheers!


this is brutal. awesome details. i see you are a game artist…i bet that is a fun job.