Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Darko Hanzic


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Latest Update: Final Image: Scarecrow_final


Hi everyone!

Ok here is my idea for this contest. I will make a scarecrow who is afraid of crows. So one of them will attack him and try to tear him apart with claws, while on the run. Here is the scarecrow sketch.

Good luck to everyone on the contest.


Good luck on the contest. It looks like it could be a fun concept. Are you planning on a 2D or 3D image?


yey! best of luck mate :slight_smile:


One of the crow’s sketch.


Thanx mmiketche for the kind words. I am planing a 3D picture. I will use Maya, mudbox and Photoshop.

Thanx NinjaA55N good luck to you to.


good luck … :buttrock:

you will need it - joke :slight_smile:


This is maya model. Very low poly, just basic shape. First I will create low poly model, than I will import that mesh inside mudbox and begin high res details, where I will also generate displacement map. Additional stuff will be added with bump map.


This is the new direction where I am headed. He will be runing with branches behind his back and between hands, to make him clumsy while on the run. Also his feet will be in X position which will make him a bigger coward. Coments and critiques are welcome.


Hey Darko, nice idea and model !! I really liked. I think the horizontal branches would have to be within the clothes and of the sleeves of the shirt, perhaps broken branches for not so rigid model, only a comment :slight_smile: . Good luck and looking forward for updates :thumbsup:


Hey guys. I did some more progress on the main character. Here is the wireframe captured in Maya.


And here is the smoothed version. I will make some more details in mudbox, but first I have to finish the crow. I will show more progress later.


Thanx for support Ferx. I think it is great idea to put horizontal branches within the clothes, so I incorporated that into model. Also the character will be in much more dynamic pose as it is now:)


I was able to put some more time into this entry. Here is what I did. I will create a wheat field and on the right side, there will be a dirty track with broken radioactive barrel. The background behind this picture is the environmental problem. The nuclear power plant has dump the radioactive waste into a near field, contaminating all the surrounding environment. So the birds have mutated and begin acting strange. I will put a nuclear power plant into the background with some heavy clouds above. This will also be a good opportunity for a drastic lightning. The idea about running scarecrow has also been dumped, so it will be in fixed position, which will add more tension into the image. Comments and critiques are appreciated.


Wireframe of the crow.




I have been working on the crow texture. It is slowly getting there. Still lots of stuff to do on the color texture. I will also add planes with fur to create fur effect.


Excellent job Darko !
The concept is funny.
I like the work you have done with the scarecrow and the work with specially the crow itself !


This is looking really good. Very nice modeling and texturing. Can’t wait to see it start to come together.


gpepper: Thanx for the kind words mate, I will do my best to finish this picture.

miketche:Thanke you for the replay. I already have the finished picture in my mind, so now is just the realizing part :slight_smile: