Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Csaba Zsilvolgyi


great start!



yes, is a good concept, it have a very good illumination.
I want to see it rendered.


WOW! amazing!! good start and ilumination! :applause:


Hello Max! Jó itt látni téged. Sok sikert! :slight_smile:



…without horseman( -dog?:slight_smile: ) yet.
Experiments with white stretch pants, drapery, crest etc.
Main background elements are almost finished.


…except the Castle :slight_smile:


Hello there! The illustration (technically speaking - lighting, shadows, reflected light, textures, etc), are excellent:thumbsup: .

However, I’m really not getting the connection to the hind quarters. Is the positioning of the flag purposefully done?


This looks very interesting…i will be back! :smiley:


I’d like to create an enigmatic picture, with the following readings:

1. A centaur woman and her dog-headed rider.
  1. Two persons standing close to each other: a woman in the front and a dog dressed as a man in the back.

     I'd like everyone to see the centaur+rider version at the first glance, and start to surmise afterwards.

The flag conceals the body of the dog, but at the same time it covers the truth : there’s no dog at all.

Quite a challenge for me... :D :)

So I am working on this “linking”, but I feel it is not complete yet.


Hogy haladsz?

Kovács Péter


Quite good, thnx :wink:


Én is kiváncsi vagyok mi lesz a végkifejlet! Nemsoká lejár a határidő!



…huhh …new deadline !

in this case: Alpha version :smiley:


I love enigmatic pictures like this! I don’t know whether there is a girl with dog posterior and a rider or a girl with a dog-like gunman.

Bring it on Karpathy!


Great concept, MAX!
the position of both “actors”. the “theater” of the scene. The light, it’s true are great.
I miss:
some more detail on the legs of the human
a better connexion of the bodies under the flag… (maybe you did it with purpose…?)
And the background details… (statues, maybe great clouds, etc…)
But good work, really!
Go on!


Yeah… in the following version I expect some more details, small gadgets, accessories, like on your other pictures. And I think it needs details on background either…leaves on ground, or something (I know this is a perfect sheared park…but something is missing…maybe depth-of-field…)

Anyway this is great!


My little sister is the black sheep of Kárpáthy family. She’s been doing wacky things since her infancy.
Scarcely she left the ancient nest of our family, she has started to work morganatic as a postilion. She has also selected a comformable military sport: pentathlon. Antique family, archaic game.
She won the pan-European pentathlon team-championship in 19xx with her dog by her side. The picture shows her after the competition, just before her disqualification for “Strange Behaviour”!
We deny the charge! No Centaur has ever born in the house of Kárpáthys.


Great job!


I like it very mutch!
Amazing work!



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