Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Cliff Cramp


Thanks all - I’ll get to wrapping this thing up in the next couple of days.


Final Image

Title: 300-1

Story: Spartans are a warring people, trained from an early age to be excellent in battle. After a hard day of conflict in which much blood has been spilled, this particular Sparatan finds comfort like none of his comrads. He awakes to find that they have discovered his secret sources of comfort.


Hey Cliff,
great story. The gladiator’s expression is great too. Caught in the act! Good luck!



hahaha… very funny. Bravo!


Awesome job! It’s very funny and well done. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi Cliff! Congratulations! It’s a real 300-1 heheh! Cheers!


I think we have a winner here. I love this strange behavior. I wish you the best of luck and thanx for giving a new guy alot of support.


Superb final. Congrats, champ :beer:


Neat concept!
I like his expression and the cuts on his skin. Also the teddy bear is cute :slight_smile:
Really nice work :smiley:


Thanks all for the kind words - it was nice to get back into one of these competitions again, even though it was late in the game. This is alway an inspiring thing to do - so much talent on this forum. Thanks again.


HI Cliff!Yessai, so funny!!Still think if you open a bit the canvas up in the bottom it will bring some more dynamics maybe but it do really work great this way also as the eye really is well catched by the character!Love it!!!This is madness!!!No this is…Good luck buddy:beer:


A Spartan effort with epic results, congratulations and best of luck,


ingenius! i wish i could’ve seen the other peoples faces as they gaze upon the enemy of comrade. :slight_smile: best of luck with it


Thanks Remko - I added some but maybe not enough.:slight_smile:


Thanks Ralph and Jamie!


Hey Cliff! Awesome work. Super funny! Love the teddy bear. Good luck dude!


Thanks Neil


hahaha very funny. It´s his “rosebud” moment:D

Good luck to you friend!


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