Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Cliff Cramp


Hi Cliff, You’ve progressed so well, that’s a really strange behave for a Spartan and the name 300-1 is superb. Looking forward for the final image. Cheers!


Thanks for the kind words ashiataka, digital-bobert, Hiun


LOL - great idea and well executed :thumbsup: Even a warrior needs his little furry teddy…


Thanks Martin


Hey Cliff, that is awesome!! I love your concept, really cool !! and the lighting for the scene its great !! Perhaps some of the back soldiers can have a sword, with the arm and hand hanging, in order too look not only legs and shields, only a comment :slight_smile: Again, superb work and concept mate!! Cheers :beer:


Awesome update; the concept for this piece is hilarious and the execution is nicely done. Can’t wait to see more.


Thanks Megan

Thanks Ferx - I agree - thanks for the suggestion


this is one of the funniest things i’ve seen in a while! it’s also a remarkable painting. i love the slight tatteredness of the teddy. did Spartans have tatoos? it could drive your point even more. that might be overkill, but just a thought.


Hey Cliff, your illustrations cease to amaze me. This one has a nice loose painterly feel to it, but at the same rate very tight. Funny stuff.


another update - I brought a couple of hands down as suggested.


great modifications! i can’t see where there’s anything left for you to tweek. wish you could teach me to paint like you! (hehe)


Hey Cliff, I think the hands made the piece come together much better. I’ve been looking at the piece for a while and I haven’t seen any thing else that needs to tweeked or fixed. Maybe you could pull out a little more highlights in the helmet and armor, but I know your going for that rustic look. It looks really good and the hands turned out great. Good luck witht the rest of the compitition.


hi! thats strange… on one side it could be funny on the other side its tragic. I’m not sure about the expression of the helmet… why is the expression not stronger like a warrior to create more contrast to the “inner world”? Maybe the teddy could be more damaged. Good work and good luck!:thumbsup:


Thanks all - I just need to clean it up a bit more to be done.


Lookin’ good Cliff, can’t wait to see the final piece!


Man if the romans saw this. … … uold be in a lot of trouble, looking great . keep it up :scream:


Agree with others - hands made a really big difference! :thumbsup:
Looking forward for the final peace!


Hi Cliff.
Probably it’s just me, but I’m sorry to differ from the “add hands” point of view. Granted the background figures read better with them, but somehow it looks to me like if his own fellows were menacing him in his sleep, and takes some fun out of the pic. It can be though that I got the concept wrong from the beginning, as I thought more of a tough warrior that is afraid of the dark, for example, if not with his teddy bear.

Maybe a different attitude for them hands, no swords but some gesturing like “wake up at once, man!” would suit it better?? Again, it’s just probably me…

On the other hand, no crits on the artwork, brilliant! :wink:



About the teddy bear, you promised not to tell. :slight_smile:

Historians are still conflicted as to the impact the teddy had on the out come of the impending battle.


this is one of those paintings that just STAYS awesome, no matter how many times i look at it. it’s hilarious with a definitely pleasing, painterly quality. great work Cliff!