Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Cliff Cramp


Actually, the guys approaching are fellow Spartans - it’s the moment that it is found out that he’s a closet thumb sucker and teddy-bear hugger by his comrads. The lighting will be more dramatic - suggesting a fire just off screen. Good suggestion on the teddy. thanks


uhuhu very strange man… its really funny…cant wait to see more of it… keep it up:)


Another pass at the light before I work on the detail.


Another small update. Starting the detail - I worked up the teddy bear a bit, changed the color and added some detail.


Another pass at detail. I’ll get to the face and hand next.


yup yup … love his expression a lot! :stuck_out_tongue: details are coming up really well too! :eek:
good luck dude! :thumbsup: looking forward to the next update! :wink:


:bowdown: Lifelike work with awesome idea! Just :applause: Only crit if i may: the background is too vertical composited. Mainly coz of those red skirt parts. Maybe a silly idea, but I thing a lightsource from the background should be cool. Like a warm candle light in a cooler shadowed foreground. A night scene or dawn. It could look like a surprising awakening of him. Just an idea.


Thanks nwiz

Thanks Thermoside.
That is where I’m going with it - I haven’t gotten to the BG yet. It will be cooled down on the off-light side. I may add a shield to one of the guys on the ends to break up the repitition. And you nailed the theme - he is waking up to discover his comrads are on to his closet thumb-sucking and teddy cuddling behavior. :slight_smile: Thanks for the comfirmation.


Oh yeah, big strong men and their hidden inner worlds :scream:
Like your concept very much!
Good luck!


Another little update. i’m still working on the figures in the back.


This is priceless :smiley: Lovely concept and great execution of expression. That’s a great thought on the shield to break up the repetition I was thinking the same thing. Something to break that constant line moving to the right of the image. You could try and see if placing the shield to the far right in the warriors left arm at an angle in a way of cutting that side of the image to lead back to the focus. Intended in a way to act as a stopping point like the helmet does for the lower left.
Lovely piece Cliff :thumbsup: Happy painting!:bounce:


Added the shields and a bit more detail in the back


Nice update:thumbsup:


Thanks Hiun


Hahah, priceless indeed his expression!NIce idea and work!Personally at the bottom, I’ll just open the canvas a bit up to bring in more dynamics in the perspectif.Just a thought ofcourse.Great work!


good stuff :thumbsup:



damn! :eek: this keeps getting better and better! me with Remko regarding the perspective also, i think some more soldiers in the background will add to the depth?
just an idea :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:
awesome work so far! :thumbsup:


Another small update


Opening up the canvas a bit like Remko (OKMER) said is really doing nicely for the image. :thumbsup:


bahahaha… this one is awesome!