Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Cliff Cramp


Cliff Cramp is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: 300-1


I’m hoping to have time for this one - I missed the EON WIP - Too much work.


yea good luck with it dude



Hey, Cliff, good to see you here. Four months should be enough time… Good luck! (Oh, and hey, nice little feature on your work in IFX, way to go! :thumbsup:)


Well, I’ve been so busy that I’m just now jumping into the fray. I’m not sure if someone has done this already, but this will be a warm-up. I’ll call this one 300-1


A quick value pass


Quick color pass - I’ll start adding the Spartan props next.


Cliff! Nice to see you again.

Nice start. :slight_smile:

Shoulder and hip needs tweaking.

Good luck!


Another pass at it - I’ll fix the foreshortening on the upper arm in the next pass,


Some more - I’ll slow down a bit and start to fix things and add detail


Heya cliff! Welcome back!


very good idea - funny - nice illustration. :thumbsup:
(I didn’t see the Teddy bear at first)



I like the idea, keep rocking!


hahaha, so funny :smiley: from idea to his expression. Please finish this concept coz its original, strange/funny and it will be unforgotable. its great to seeu in the challenge, hope u do well. good luck!


I think that you have to do Teddy more noticeable, couse when you cast a look at first - Teddy bear is invisible!


Very funny idea! I love the expression of his face… :smiley:
Agree with the above comment about the teddy bear, a big girly fluffy one would maybe suit better.
Looking forward to seeing more!


Thanks all - yep, I agree that the Teddy needs to be developed as more of a focal point.


Claps Very cool idea and well done. I will have an eye on this. Awesome color and pose. Best Luck!


Another small update - I made the teddy bigger with more saturation - I’ll start working on detail and a more dramatic light source soon.


is this Leonides?

hopefully not…hehe…

Maybe u can make a fire besides him. To depicts the sparta is having a deep sleep in the forest. And that is how enemy approach to him silently. It will looks more atmosphere.

The Teddy bear can be change material from cotton to cloth to match that century. You know the puppet design from Korn cover.

Funny concept.hee.