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Latest Update: Final Image: Noone Can Cage The Hamster of Magnetism (done and dusted)


Now then CGTalkers,

I’m completely new to this (not only challenges but posting on cgtalk in general), but I’ve been telling my self I should enter some challenges to get some practice so I’ve decided to pull my finger out!

I may have left it late, but I’m confident I can get this done.

It appears the standard is absurdly high again as usual, but hopefully being in such esteemed company will make me work harder.

Anyway, hello to anyone who bothers to read this, and check back soon for updates!


Alright here it goes, first ever challenge entry. I’m hoping it’ll end up above average.

A Hamster dressing up as a famous super-villain/ the hamster is a super villain. He meets you with his blank hamster stare while you watch him trapped in his cage. But then…

Just my usual rubbish biro scribblings to start this off, I’m trying to decide whether to go with a cartoony illustrator style or a semi-realist style.


Okay, I’ve started with my usual flat colour scribblings, I’m still torn between cartoon or painting. I’m going to go with a front on pose- not that technically impressive, but I find simple poses add more humour to images- a front on or profile brings a serenity or quietness to a scene, which I find heightens the humour. In this case it will create an eerieness that can make our cute fluffy hamster quite menacing.


Right last update for now- I’ve been working on this for a few days so this is how far I’ve actually gotten- these posts aren’t real time!

I’m going for a (hopefully) semi-realist approach. Here it is so far.


Nothing much to say. Head down.


But you mostly just need the background elements in, so why not finish?


Sorry for any confusion; the background elements are on the way- I posted it under ‘final image’ because it didn’t really fit into the rest of the categories (line art, concept drawings etc.)! Just trying to get them done before the deadline!


hahaha…really good idea!
your sketch of the rat is fabulous…keep going
on a note, if you don’t post under all stages (concept, line art and final), you might not be able to enter your final post in the competition…doesn’t matter if coloring is not exactly “line art” but it goes under that stage, i think.
good luck.


I’m pretty much done with the image now. I’ll welcome any suggestions as I’m almost ready to post.


Bah posted this under the wrong milestone category originally! Got to complete the set.


Thank you for your comment Olipaf, and more importantly thanks for pointing out that I’d missed putting in line art- That would have been a cracking error!

Checking out your entry now


Right this is the final post. First challenge over with, hopefully I can enter the next challenge and improve.

Obviously I’ve taken my inspiration from the morally grey supervillain and Master of Magnetism, and transplanted him into Hamster form- sans the white hair. I’ve always wanted hamsters to do more- they seem so limited, just burrowing, wiggling their nose and putting too much food in their pouches for later consumption. This hamster has been liberated. Whether his behaviour is strange is for you to decide.


Hey Christopher, hahahahah really great hamster!! and funny concept!! Congratulatioms on your finished work and good luck!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Hey Christopher, hahahahah really great hamster!! and funny concept!! Congratulations on your finished work and good luck!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Thanks ferx! Hope to see more posts from you in the daily sketch group as well!


Hahaha, I really like this piece!! The hamster looks a bit surprised himself. :scream:


Thanks very much Hiun :slight_smile: That’s a very welcome comment because I’ve been watching your entry develop for a while and it’s one of my favourites! I’m especially impressed by your use of texture.


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