Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Chris Silva


At french restarunte “Le Douch” their number one dish is the Roast Chicken, served with a butter garlic sauce, rosemary and a pinch of mint. One evening, “Le Douch” has a full house booked from open to close. Everyone and their mother orders the main dish and the restarunte runs out of chicken.
The the top critic of the number one food magizine in all of France happens to stroll in that very evening and orders the one and only Roast Chicken. The Owner of the restarunte insists that the staff must go out to the nearest grociers and get the finest chicken, “make it snappy!” The Chief decides to send his poorest sue cheif, doesn’t give him a dime and sayes “don’t fail or IT’S YOUR JOB!” As the sue cheif flurries out in a panics for a chicken he runs into a anicent mistic on the street corner. He knows that she sells cheap goods. “Maybe she has a chicken? It wouldn’t hurt to ask.” He finds one, a little beaten up, but it will have to do. The ancient worns him that it’s only for incantations and never… “Yea Yea Yea, how much?” She sell him the worn out chicken and the sue chief sprints back.
He gives the Cheif the chicken, “Its about time, give it here!” Without looking at it twice he de-feathers, preps and cooks the chicken. The chicken, not yet re-animated, is plated and prepered for seving. The owner, confidently, walks out with the dish in hand, places it on the table and lifts the lead…yummy!
My final piece. I had fun and I think it turned out pritty good. Goodluck to everyone.


That’s some fun and seriously strange stuff!


dude, this is awesome! way funny and good job on the lighting. good luck, and i hope you win something man!


Nice job, especially w/ the chiaroscuro lighting! I like the changes you made and I think the final image is a strong one. Good luck in this competition; your image certainly reflects behavior at its strangest.


Hey Chris, hahahhah nice and funny concept!! I love the chicken, cool man!! Congratulations on your finished image and good luck!! Cheers mate! :beer:


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