Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Chris Silva


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Latest Update: Final Image: A Romatic Dinner For Two


Welcome to the Challenge - best of luck!


Hello everyone. This is the first of few concept sketches that I have for this challenge. A cooked chicken eating himself.


more concepts…


dude this is awesome!! i love it. can’t wait to see where this thing ends up man. good luck in the competition.


starting to finalize the posing and I have decided to and a dinner guest.


Hello there. Your concept is very funny in a mildly disturbing way. This should be a fun illustration to work on. I look forward to seeing your progress. Good luck.


final sketch and composition.


He guys, thanks for the post. I’m glad you like them. I will be posting more tonight. Going to try to crank some of it out.


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I’ll post more tonight.


some value studies of the piece and a little bit of a composition change.


Thanks Megan and Kris, I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve decided to change the posing of the arm and the left candle. Also, I added color to the piece.


That chicken really seems to be enjoying himself. Funny stuff. And I definitely like the changes to the arm position; it provides more visual clarity.


That’s funny! Good progress so far - you may want to push the drama with more contrast in your darks and lights - excellent work!


Thanks for the comments guys. I will make those changes.


Hey everyone. I’ve popped some of the lights and a little more contrast.


I put some more mood into the piece and add some vegetation to the plate. I thought it looked plane. I still have a ways to go, but this is the fun part.


some of the fun detail work…


opps, double post.


So, I looked at my painting on a different monitor and found out that my image was way to bright. I adjusted the levels and I believe it turned out much better. (thank you Cliff for the comment) I also poped a few of the highlights and added a little more detail. I think it’s almost done.