Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: chaitanya krishnan


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been waiting for the next cg challenge here at cg society. love the new theme. look forward to seeing some excellent stuff from you all. :bounce:


this time i want to do a present day machine. i like bikes, and i havnt done a bike yet. so here goes. am going to do an unusual biker on a bike


this might be my character. although this probably isnt the angle i’m looking at. will try a few more


Groovy. I was thinking of doing a cute-animals-cum-road-hogs picture too, but in my case it was kittens trying to steal a motorcycle :smiley:

Your prospects from that first image seem pretty good; you seem to have a pretty solid grasp of how everything works and fits together (that was one of the deciding factors on dropping the idea; all I know about bikes is what I’ve seen on American Chopper). Now it’s just a matter of finding the perfect rider and a proper angle and action. In addition to riding the motorcycle, you could try a few sketches of him beside it, or in the act of him climbing on. You might be able to get some interesting compositions by breaking his body apart a little from the cycle.

Good luck figuring it out! I look forward to seein’ where you take this.


another angle…


hmm maybe a view where you see more of the bike and just the bunny ears to suggest the weird rider


started modelling the bike. have taken a pic of a bajaj avenger 180cc cruiser. i know there are cooler bikes out there, i have a good reason for picking this bike. Since it’s sitting downstairs in my garage, i can keep running down and taking pics of it from whatever angle i need. i want the surreality of the rider to clash with the realistic depiction of the bike. well at least where modelling is concerned. the textures will probably not be photorealistic… more cartoony


okaaay…this engine is turning out to be not that much of a challenge after all…


almost done modelling the bike now…will hope to get this done in the next week


hey dude! :smiley: great to see you here! :stuck_out_tongue: very cool concept! :stuck_out_tongue: waiting to see how it turns out! :bounce:

cheers man! :beer:


A fine looking bike you have there :thumbsup: I hope you can make the bunny look just as good. :buttrock:


thanks Martin and neville, loving your challenge entries, theyre turning out really great! don’t know if i’l be able to finish this one though. time crunch at work right now. :banghead:


heres a turntable render of the bike


simple & cool concept~…

The bike looking so cool… Waiting for the Rabbit.


i loovee the sketch of the bunny zooming into the distance, makes me chuckle! you should do this one :smiley:


Great idea, and good modeling!
Good luck!


started modelling the rider. was supposed to be a bunny rabbit… but i found some pictures of hare that i liked. with their longer legs and less chubby bodies they look cooler on bikes :slight_smile:


went into overtime on this entry … good progress today.

now i just need to start working on some detailing… add some biker attitude to this guy


took a break from the rider. worked on some materials for the bike. have to unwrap soon… add some textures…

did another turntable render: