Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Carlos Bernardo Junior


Now I’ll put some more details, clean up the mess.



Thank you very much, Ralph, Axel and Kei!



Hope to see your final soon.


hahaha! looks funny the people and fish expressions! !:thumbsup: poor sushi guys! I asume you still haven’t done all the light details in the sushi flesh from the lamp! and also to show a bit more specularity in the scales and a bit less saturated the shadow from them! ooh! the frames on the wall glow pretty!..Keep working Carlos final round! its about to be over!:slight_smile:


Hehehe! I’ll send the final tomorrow. I still need to fix some details.

Cheers and thank you again for the help, guys!


Total madness, haha!!Nice pic.MAybe some mini boxes containing the human clothes and shoes,etc on the desk could be cool.Good luck to you!Cheers!


Hi, guys!

This is the final image, I hope next challenge I have a little more time to do all the details. But this challenge was very funny and was great share this image with all of you!

Cheers and thank you very much by the support!

Good luck for all!



WoW!!! Two more weeks?? This is a dream? Im dead and I dont know?



Your idea is quite shocking and unique !
It’s bloody cool !:applause:


Thank you very much YuChi and Remko!

I like the idea of the clothes, I’ll work in more details in this two weeks.



Hey guys! A little more tweaks, some tests… I increase the resolution to work better at the details.


Regarding this image, you must read “The shadow over Innsmouth” by H.P. Lovecraft… :deal:


WOW! The plot looks great! Thanks for the tip, I’ll search this book in a book store here in Brazil, I hope I find. Thanks for the tip, Till!

I’ll upload my final image this week, unfortunelly I had a lot of personal problemss this week, awful problems, ttake me a lot of time and a lot of brain =/. But I kind finish the image and I’ll upload as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for the support guys!



nice rip of my concept m8, lucky i didnt have the time to work on my entry


My idea is very similar to your, sorry, I didnt see before. I have mine in a shushi bar (I know, this is weird hehehe).



My idea is very similar to your, sorry, I didnt see before. I have mine in a shushi bar (I know, this is weird hehehe).



Here is the final image!

Thank you very much, guys, by the support!



this is so creepy yet so hilarious
great job


Hi Carlos,

Sushi for everyone! Great to see you end up the hard work!:smiley: I hope everything its better,:rolleyes: and congratulation in your very funny fish sushi restaurant!:applause: Very much great full for the support and looking forward to see more of your work!:thumbsup:


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