Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Carlos Bernardo Junior


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Good luck man! And as darksuit says, Keep it Odd!


Hi, I know this sketch is very simple and non sense. But my idea is:
Do a kitchen where a lot of bizarre things happend (I dont put the bizarre thing in the sketch yet) and three girls take breakfast very calm, reading the papers. And they are very bored like every day is the same. I dont know yet if Ill do this image in 3D or 2D. Anyone knows if is allow to do a mix? some parts in 2D, some parts in 3D??

Please tell me if the text make sense, because my english is very bad. =D

And comments and critics are very very very welcome!

And good luck and a lot of fun to every one in this challenge!



As I understand it, you’re allowed to do anything that professionals do. That includes retouching and compositing, so yes, you can do a combination :slight_smile:

There’s not much I can critique at this stage, but I look forward to seeing it when there is. Just remember – The contest is called Strange Behavior. Strange events are a good springboard to start from, but what’s really going to be critical is how you have the people in the room respond to it.

Good luck, man; I look forward to seeing where you go with this!


Nice man. Can’t wait to see the details of your work.



Hi Carlos, I´ll be watching the development of your concept. I hope I´ll be able to help a little.


Hi, Carlos - still waiting to see what the strange behaviour in your piece is, so it’s hard to comment on much yet. It used to be that the CGTalk Challenges put 2D and 3D in a seperate category, but now this is just one big illustration category - any combination of 2D and 3D is fine. Good luck!


Thank you by your comments, guys!

Another idea. This miss contest with very pretty girls and at the front with the crowd and flowers a very fat and ugly lady.

Another idea that im thinking is to do a funeral with a stripper dancing in frotn of the coffin.

What do you think?



I really like the funeral idea :smiley: I can just picture that; all the mourners staring aghast at a pole-dancer at the foot of the grave…


nice start…keep it up!! cant wait to see more :slight_smile:


Hi Carlos,
I like your ideas, seems you are going to the right track, I think all of them have potential,but I agree with Chris, as long as your reactions are unexpected and hitting the strange condiment, you are cooking the right recipe… he he. The coffin and the pole dancer it’s much unexpected and funny hahaha! :)So I think that will be more approachable, but keep the ideas flowing
there’s no rush yet. I will follow your thread, and keep the fun!


This is a very strong idea, I look forward to see where you take this :slight_smile:


Hi Carlos,

I like both ideas…

Miss idea: I like i hope be real…

I compose 2d with 3D environment…
a lot of time ago.
I modeled a simple mesh and rendered in outlines (toon - ILUSTRATE plugin for 3dsmax) after this i colored with wacom.

why rendered in outlines? simply… color of 2d and 3d are the same style.


Thank you very much for the comments!

I think I’ll do the two ideas (I hope finish both hehehehe). The miss contest I’ll be for the animation thread, because I think I’ll be more funny to make the girls in Maya and ZBrush:

And in this thread I’ll do the Funeral with the stripper. Im doing some resarch so today I finish a sketch.

Thank you again for your comments and help!



Hey guys!

Here is a first sketch! What do you think about put a priest in her side?



Hehehe! I know, I have to pick one sketch, but I just need do this last one! What do you think?

I’m thinking in do a photo from a customer of this inverted sushi bar, without too much focus.



Some colors tests. =D

What sketch you think I should use?



Hi Carlos,
I like both ideas, but really like more the fish doing human sushi
and for California roll you can add some Hollywood celebrities haha
I leave the ideas to you and take your time, until you really like one. Since all the ideas have great potential.


LOL!! I love the celebritie idea!! Hahaha! Very good one!

Thank you Axel!


the fish in the suchi place makes me giggle like a girl, so my money’s on that one!:smiley: