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Latest Update: Final Image: Chasing Defenseless Pigeons


Wow…a challenge only 4 days left hmm
I don’t have time to update and make comments because time is running out…so
I chose to just do the work and write a journal when i had the chance…lol which was never.
Monday November 12th 2007 around 11pm
i just finished working on a ghost in the shell fan image. So i’m in a robot mood. So where do i start…hmmm I imagined a robot just taking a stroll. Boring yes but my instinct was leading me in this direction some what so i was ok with this image at the time. I played around and added different things like a top hat and an umbrella…but then I thought about monster movies like kong or godzilla and decided to place my robot in a city setting. I played around with perspective which originally I was gonna try and draw free hand…but as you can see it’s just not looking as amusing as i wanted.


Tuesday November 13th 2007 10:37am
I modeled this in maya pretty quick because time was running out…it was and the deadline was coming up fast. After playing with cubes at first that resembled the concept image I began to add a more geometry and shapes that would act as guides for when I paint over it. Then after completing the alley I used a point light and a low intensity ambient light to follow where I thought the best lighting would be for my image. simple lighting just to help me for when I paint over everything.


Heres a wire frame of the alley…as you can see there is higher geometry in some places. This is due to me needing as much line help as possible to steady my hand while I painted.


This is the second attempt at painting over the alley model…looking kinda like a Craig Mullens painting.


so I’m looking at my robot in the scene and …well I’m not satisfied at the moment…tick talk tick talk


Tuesday November 13th 2007 11:12pm
After trial and error i caned the original pose and decided to go with a running more menacing pose for the robot. It opened my mind a little more and aloud me to explore the character of the robot. I’m really liking him now.


After giving myself a good pat on the back for adding teeth i decided to clean up the bricks among other things. i added a little more iron to it’s right bicep, some dust coming from his leg and played around with the lighting a tad. I really like where this is going but I didn’t know why I had drawn it this way.


Wednesday November 14 2007 10:49am
so I went from scenario to scenario and decided for the time left in the challenge I needed to do something that was fast, easy to paint yet still effective to the overall final image which until now I didn’t know would look like this…I finally have it the painting where i want it. Pigeons chill in alley way…and what could be a strange behavior for a robot. hmmmm…it likes to chase pigeons. This opened up more fun for me and a more enjoyable process. I found alot of free stock photos of pigeons and used them as reference. I think it adds a great touch.


now that the image is flowing for me I’m listening to music and building and building…work work work.



I present “Chasing Defenseless Pigeons”

the story is simple
On a smoggy day in the city a giant robot from unknown origin appears in an alleyway Chasing Defenseless Pigeons. The city will never be the same.

this is by far a personal best.
lol thanks for checking this out.


Thanks for your kind words on my thread buddy! I really like the perspective you’ve captured here, a strange and funny piece indeed. Good luck with the voting!


hahaha your idea made me chuckle dude! It would certainly be a strange site to behold. Well done on finsihing and best of luck!


Hi Calvin,
Poor pigeons!:eek: Now I want the revenge part 2! haha:D its great to see all your process and work in your illustration great work and very hilarious! :applause::D:bounce:

I Wish you best of luck in all your ideas! Very much appreciated all you did! :thumbsup:


LOL! Great image!! I love the robot style! The pigeons are very funny!! :applause:

Cheers and good luck!


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