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Much to my better judgement I have decided to take up the challenge again. Even though i didn’t finish the last one (I will…someday) I did find that it really kickstarted my creative process. So, here we go again…

While I was hanging around outside the local train station I was struck by inspiration. This really trendy (off the wall trendy) high school girl was waiting near me, and along walked an older middle aged woman in a kimono (not a daily sight, so she was probably off to a wedding or event) and it struck me the look of disguist they both gave one another. Their eyes met and one could feel the tension in the area just shoot through the roof.

Having read the challenge earlier today, I had this wicked idea. The high school girl would probably not be seen with in a mile of any of the traditional Japanese arts (ikebana, tea ceremony, koto playing etc) or in fact anywhere near the older woman (whom I later to my delight found out was the local koto (a Japanese stringed instrument)). So my idea is to do a scene with the pair of them together, leaning over the koto to create harmony and peace with one another. It may seem to both of them that they are worlds apart but they are both Japanese and should recognise that in each other and learn to find compromise and understanding.

So, that’s my idea, lemme get out my camera and start looking for reference shots.


This is just a rough sketch (got a little lazy on the koto strings but it’s late here)


hello and best of luck… :slight_smile:

its good to see some more people from japan here…lol

funny but in my experience ive met school girls in japan that do all the obove mentioned things…lol…
but anyway…

have fun!!


like your concept :slight_smile:
i wish you luck and i’ll keep watching your progress on this piece


Glad to see you in, nekomouse!
And I’ll definitely follow this thread, love your idea. :slight_smile:


Another sketch with a much more dynamic pose than the last one. I like this composition a lot but I need to figure out a background before I get to far and have the same issues I had with doing my EON entry. Also added some notes for myself


Okay, just messing around with some colour and trying to get a feel for Painter brushes. Wow, that’s a whole new ballgame in itself. I have a horrid habit of choosing very vivid colours that I need to train myself out of. (ToT)


nice idea… good luck with the challenge


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