Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Oh man, I know you are very busy wwith conventions and Schoolism, but I am desperate to see this one finished :smiley: Care to donate the reward to a poor student? (joking :stuck_out_tongue: )


Very cool and strange character design, can’t wait to see the finished product.

Ken David Matheson

Strange Brhavior


hey bobby,

your “pig-dragon” looks wonderfull. first, i think that is in 3d.
very cool !


Hi Bobby,

I recently finished your online course at ! Great to see your fabulous work again! I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome!


Great concepts. i would pay money to see 90mins of these creatures and their adventures!


Strange Behavior Short Film


I luv how vicious those lil chars look! Can’t wait to see the final image!


haha, its looking awesome, those little guys are wayyy cool, looking forward to seeing this one finished


Hi Bobby, Love the tone study, so masterish! :slight_smile: the creature design its so great! :eek: hope you have fun in the tour, and hope to see the next update!


Beautiful as always. :slight_smile: Cheers


Hey, Bobby. I love the work so far, but haven’t seen any updates in a while. Here’s hoping there’s more good stuff coming!


thats a great character you have here and the scene has much action going on, cant wait to see it colored
good luck man


Thats Awesome! I like the proportions and characters movement! Man…


I’m a huge fan of your work man, its incredible. And the concepts look great too, although I feel like the creature is out of proportion and the colors are weak… you know i’m kidding.


Hi Bobby, I’m rubberneck to your progress.
Hope to see new uploads soon. Your works and their progress’ are un put downable.


Hey everyone,

I’m back! Been swamped with work for the past few weeks but managed to put in some time on the final piece.

Here’s what I’ve started so far.


Hey that’s a nice coincidence. I’ve just write about… Welcome… That goes great, details are coming alive, the progress will be cheerful to watch. Cheers!


Beautiful. That little dude in the carrot suit is looking fantastic


HI Bobby!:slight_smile: Such a nice update,:eek: its really a learning experience to watch your art! and all the process! Love the carrot costume guy, maybe I will decide to made that costume for my dog, in your honor for Halloween!! haha! Exelent Work as always! :thumbsup:


Hey Bobby, that is awesome!! i really love the design of your characters, cool !! really great:thumbsup: That dragon is fantastic, and the egg type creature is charming, I only can say : awesome work, a visual pleasure!!:slight_smile: Cheers ! :beer:


nice update there bobby! Looks really promising.