Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Here’s a very basic lighting sketch I did over my little thumbnail. The little guys are trying to capture the big fat dragon. Can you make sense of what’s happening now? If not, everything will be made clear soon.


oOoooH, you’ve got us all intrigued!!

I wanna know what’s going on!! Have they got one of them as bait?

Best of luck Bobby, i can’t wait to see your finished piece!


Cool concept…I can almost see it in my head…love the idea of all those little things chasing something…formidable force in numbers!

I’ll keep an eye…!



haha nice one bobby!
Love those cute lil guys!


Ahh… I can’t quite make it out but it looks as though they’re going to trip him up…?

I’m sure you’ve got it all planned out already but from your little sketch I like the idea that the creatures doing the tripping are doing it by stretching out one of their tongues.

But then I just like tongues! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really great to see all the ‘heavy hitters’ entering this one.

Can’t wait to see more.



Neat Idea… Looking forward to seeing more of it…

Keep it odd!


awesomeeee, i know ur piece will be hilarious:thumbsup:


it always put a smile on my face whenever i look at ur paintings.i know this one will do the same:)


yeah well if this turns out anything like the rest of your work it’ll kick arse :slight_smile:


hehe love those funny little guys…i hope they get him! :bounce:


Yeah! Thats it, somthin BIGis coming out. waitin!

Good luck!


Man, this little guys sure are gonna be dangerous. I pity the poor dragon, I bet he is as ignorant of his destiny as we are…


oh my will he trip over something and then fall beneath some heavy mechanism designed by these smart little creatures?? soo cute^___^


hehe kind of reminds me of the hamster entry, i dont think it was in the last challenge… but the one before. never the less it rocks pretty hard!


Haha - grate idea, and I bet execution of it will be even better :] Gonna watch this thread
And btw - I love your podcasts man - when is next one coming out?


ncie start mate


ahh ha ha ha this is going to be awesome :slight_smile:

Slav - that was the Spectacular challenge I think


ivy i completely agree! i would expect nothing more then awesome here too :slight_smile:


Here’s some little thumbnails of the little creatures.

I thought it’d be fun to record as I drew and make it my new podcast. You can check out the VIDEO here —>


woow… i lost my words… those lil character r sooo amazing!!!.. i’m a huge fan of ur works… WANNA C MORE OF EM!!!..:thumbsup::bounce::eek::buttrock::applause: