Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


hehehe this is a cool job. I love the little guy with the eyes closed by the effort:D Well-done


Hi Bobby! Congratulations! That’s an absolutely stunning piece. The way of your story telling, composition and coloring are all very qualified. All the balances between composition, colors are all very well done. Hey that’s why you’re a talented and qualified artist! Watching your great progress’ and all of your artworks are so cheerful. Best wishes for the future! Cheers!


Sorry for double post! Cheers!


Love your final image, its fantastic! One of my favs. Best of luck to ya!


this is definitly my top fevorites!!.. all the best mate… its a presure to see this piece completed!!:thumbsup:


Thanks all!

scala - no this is not going to be in the book. It was done strictly for the contest. We finished that book about a month ago.


Your final image is fantastic. It’s a strong composition and beautiful idea, superbly done. I’m really glad you managed to finish this one. Congratulations


mindblowing bobby!! :eek: one of my favs forever! awesome story too! :grin: hehehehehe … sacred carrot :smiley: :smiley: … congratulations on a fine finish!! :bounce: :applause: wishing you all the luck my friend! :thumsbup: cheers! :beer:


Hey Bobby sorry I thought the book was not out . I’m expecting it , the two last one were so wonderful . I’m curious to discover that one .


Scala - Thanks for the email. The Asian looking character in your Strange Behavior is very funny! What I meant was that the art for the book was done a month ago but it takes a while before the books are printed and sent to us. We should get the books by the 24th of November.


absolutely wonderful!


Bobby your stuff is amazing as always, love the whole concept. amazing detail


Hey Bobby, congratulations on your final piece. I absolutely love this one. Those little creatures made me positively lough. I hate you master. :applause:


Your final image is fantastic. Really nice colors! Nice character design, and very funny! Congratulations



this is just adorable!!!


My favorite piece from my favorite guy! This is just awesome–your sense of storytelling is just superb and your characters are priceless! Those little guys would make really cool plush toys–so would the big guy!


i just want to eat that carrot character. just take a huge bite outta him.


great illustration bobby! u got my gf kicking and screaming @ me now saying she wants it as her wallpaper Thanks alot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lovely joke! This recalls me the battle scene from Star Wars: Return of Jedi :cool: The cartoonish style helps a lot, too.

Congrats and good luck with the votings! I`m on the same side of the Force :smiley:


Hey Bobby!!!Hey I’m a bit a shame I couldn’t be in here much more but hey ho what a huge and supercute pic you did here man!You made he good choice to leave those fleshes and blood out and you made an absolutely huge pic.Love the compo, colors, everything!One of my fav’s!Wish you all the best man and hope well see eachother again next time!Cheers!!!