Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Oh… reason I say no blood is because the blood would throw off the entire feel, not to mention the fact that the dragon creature looks like a jolly and on some level a loveable character. Making it bleed would not be cool :sad: Also, similar to what Marlon (Art2) said… without blood it makes the efforts of the little guys seem a lot more vigorous, like they really are overpowered.


HI Bobby! Blood! haha ok no blood darn cute creatures! :smiley:


I love it!!
The only thing i noticed is that there is something (imho) flattening the picture,
making the run towards the rope less dynamic (because of less perceived distance?)
Could it be because of more defenition in the background then in the foreground. Or values pulling the background forward too much.
These are just guesses, but i would love to hear your comment on my comment, because i can’t quite put my finger on it.
But again i love the picture!!


No blood. No spears. It would lose its hearty humor. The fun part is, that those furballs have chosen a very human way of trap. If they use other weapons, they become little monsters - less sympathetic.


Stunning! I love everything about this piece. I think its my favourite piece of yours.

And I agree - no blood!

Best of luck!


Hey Thanks all! I was thinking no blood as well so I’m glad everyone is on the same page.

So now with the extension I’m contemplating working on it even more. I like the little subtle scar idea. I’m open to any other suggestions as well


Yeah, the blood is out of question. Dragons usually have a heavy skin :). My problem is that in the situation depicted, the little carrot will not make it. Is that fair? :cry: :cry: I will have to wait to read how this story ends :banghead:


This is one of my favourites… :applause:… and I would even leave out the spears, too…


oh fantastic! love it. can’t believe i’ve only just found it!

love the carrot!


Great stuff…lot’s of fun…I’d like to see Pixar do a “short” on this.

Extension = polish time for all of us. It’s a great piece.



There’s many favorites of mine in this competition but yours is my favorite. It’s very challenging to paint fictional creatures… and the idea is priceless! hehehe:bounce:


This is easily one of my favorite images! Great work!


Great stuff as usual bobby, you never fail to amaze.


no blood…
you should add more tension to the legs from the back, they are too static now. i can feel the front legs pounding because of the dust clouds but the back ones feel like they aren’t engaged in any action. and above that maybe the dragon should be drooling, i mean … he sees a caaaarrot!!! :smiley:

great piece anyhow, i truly think it’s the best, you have my respect and admiration.


I was thinking you could maybe add some drool to the big fat guy?


Hey drool is a great idea! Thanks guys!


I would like to say no blood but I would like to say to arrows too. It seems that The huge creature is “happy”. If he had arrows on the back, I think he would have the face of sombody suffering. The whole picture is cute so no blood, no arrows and everybody loves each other ! :slight_smile:


truely amazing work there, bobby!
real sense of movement and textures rich to the eye…a stunning scene!
if i could make two comments about it:

  • the sky seems a bit featureless for now, or not as rich as the rest of the picture…even if you plan on leaving negative space to give some balance to the rich details of the picture, to my opinion, it is still a bit too neutral…i know it’s still in progress so those lines might not be relevent.
  • the two creatures holding onto the tail appear to be a bit too big compare to the overall scale…there are almost as big as the foreground ones…maybe to accentuate the perspective, scaling them down a bit could help in bringing up the montrous size of the hunted creature.

my two cents.

good luck!


My say would be: no blood, no arrows. I understand the narrative of something poked in his skin before he comes to the final trap, but I’d suggest maybe little colourful berry-like fruits splattered, that may had a sedative effect on the prey because of their scent, perhaps… It’d add colour to the red mass of the dragon’s body, and take out a bit of the implied violence with the arrows themselves…
On the background side, how about some dusty whirlwinds behind the dragon, just like the ones the jets leave when taking off, to help him to stand out?
Anyhow, looks stunning as it is. Excellent piece…:thumbsup:


no blood! maybe because of the piece’s lighthearted nature, blood would look a bit too mature. An yes, drool sounds like a nice addition to the piece. As far as comments go, excellent execution and the final piece is going to look fantastic - it already looks fantastic! I love the simple but effective character design for the little guys. The dragon’s color is also a nice touch and certainly is what brigns your eye in compositionaly. Awsome work, cant wait to see the final piece and its title!