Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Great update Bobby!
Maybe you could lower the contrast in the background elements slightly to put the characters in the foreground more in focus.
And I think the shadowareas in the foreground could be darker. Just some thoghts…


Thanks Goro. I agree! That’s on my list of things to do :slight_smile:


Hi Bobby!!Woowww, that’s gonna be some great finish!Great work!Agree with Goro.Maybe if you darken up a bit some elements in the foreground more depth will come in.
Hot stuff!!!


Grrrrreat Bobby!, please hurry, I wanna see it finished. Love that dragon creature, I want to go down his nostrils.


great bobby! so good to see you’re near the end now…
my only comment is about the rock in front of the critters… the color is just too similar to them… I supposed it was another little hunter just unfinished at the time,:smiley: but if it is a rock then it could be more grey maybe, and darker… I don’t know… so it’ll be clear who is behind, who in in front of it!!

Best wishes Bobby, I like this one a lot!


SteevieWoo - hehehe… it’s not a rock. It’s a little creature :slight_smile: Just unfinished.


Hi Bobby :),

The grass looks so eatable! like wonka’s candy grass! the characters are looking great! :thumbsup: I was also a bit confused as Gabriel…hehe I also wish to see some blue green in the bushes, to make other contrast in the greens…but maybe drives to more problems that hahaha!:curious: Enjoy the last days! well almust singular (day) at this time!


A truly inspiring work, man, I just love your style! Good luck!


absolutely hillarious! Love their little, sneaky faces! :bounce:


Already amazing, would be cool when it will be finished !
You rock Bob ! :buttrock:


Really nice colors Bobby! Nice character design, and very funny!
I really like it :thumbsup:


I’m just about done now! I did a whole bunch of painted in some spears in the dragon and now I’m wondering if I should put in some blood?

I’m leaning towards no blood but I wanted to hear other opinions.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words everyone! Much appreciated


i would have to say no blood. that dragon looks like a huge whale like thing. those arrow heads dont seem to be doing any damage. the dragopig is the pwning the little albino critters!


Naaah… I don’t think blood fits here, first because he’s all red:D! and last because those speas are makeing him nothing, he doesn’t seem to notice

so it was a critter not a stone!! silly me!


no blood


No blood!
That will show that the Dragon is hard to kill, that’s why the little guys have to come up with other methods :slight_smile:


no blood no


No blood.

Looking wonderful, Bobby! Come with final! :applause:


Awesome! The stucking spears are a great touch! I also love the hamster skull-mask!
Deadline extended! Relax and finish! :slight_smile:
I’d really love to see some scars on the dragon. They could add a little depth to the story. As though the dragon is a tough beast and not easy to kill.
Maybe two little marks on the forehead and one on the nostrils…?
just an idea! :wise:


Absolutely no blood!!.. and this is coming from me… mark you.:rolleyes: