Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


Oups ! double post !
Any problems with the server guys ?


Another great lesson of painting Bobby !
I really love those little creature who can eat our arms in a second and those huge monsters who can sleep in our living room !
I can’t wait for the final picture to put it on my desktop !


Working on the dragon now! It’s been tough trying to find time for this but I’m trying!! Thanks for the encouragement everyone.


Well, I’m speechless. My goodness! :love: :bowdown:


Love your textures! The hind really is great!


I’m glad you like the textures! I painted each scale on one at a time. Painful I know but that’s how to get the best results I think.


Bobby, this is truly amazing! My favorite piece yet!


Excellent work Bobby! Bravo!


Great great lovely bumpy skin! Love the eyes of the dragon too!
I hope you’ll find time to finish it!


Thanks all. Yes, I hope I have time to finish as well. You did a great job on yours Goro!


Nice work…hurry up, I want to see this finished…not long now!

Good luck



The details are amazing again! You can really tell that a lot of effort went into them. That being said, I do think the intensity of the highlights is a bit too even in certain areas and they stop too abrupt in areas like near the right fang (our left). Maybe i’s just personal preference. I like it more the way you did them on the nostrils and forehead. It flows more. Good luck, I hope you finish it in time!


Hey Bobby, that’s so cool… excellent composition and great style
keep the good work:thumbsup:


HI Bobby!
Nice work you have here =)

i have to thank you … i learned by your book how to do a textured brush … and i used in my thread
i liked this brush a lot \o/

i’m anxious to see your work done!


Hi Bobby, huge work man!!!Love it!!Just like Mv, those creatures are way too cute, and want one of them!!!haha.
Just one thought tough,.earlier on, thought we could see a bit through the dust that comes of the ground as the big creature is running on it.Right now the dust seems a bit less transparent and personaly i feel like we’re a bit cut of the background.Think if we can see a tiny little bit throug the dust it will bring in even more deepness as there already is.Hope my english doesn’t su*k too much here.
Anyway, huge fan of your pic here!!!


hahaha those creatures are so darn cute! :slight_smile: I want to bite them too :wise:


I agree Dulce!.. hey are they alive still somewerte…Bobby?:surprisedI want one…wow !:thumbsup:
The textures and the colors just keep on poping the best every nes post , I can’t possible say anything to help it make it better because it is already! Great to see were will you take this at the final line…and hope you get all the time needed! :slight_smile:


Congrats bobby. The sens of movment is excellent, the character design original and the idea really funny.


looking great Bobby!


Getting close to finishing! Every time I say that I think of a million other things I need to do before it’s done. Hahaha…