Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Bobby Chiu


The little guys look amazing Bobby… the overall feel of the scene is very good… the dragon seems a bt unbalanced but it might just be me… great work


The tension is rising in more ways than one, both regarding the string and anticipation to see the continued evolution of this piece! The little carnivores really looking great!


The details are really great Bobby! I love the little hoola-guy!
Ahem* update!


Hey Bobby
The good thing when you start late like me,is that we can discover a lot of wonderful work like your work .
Beautiful idea , really funny , well done as usual , full of details and poetry.
I even see them in motion .
I guess we gonna have it in the next issue of Imaginism Studios .


Hahahaha… great choice of fur!! !! not too cute, really cool loking!

What if after fur you change a bit the hues on them… ? so not all are the same color, just slight variations…

nice to see it goes so welll…


Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

Working on the background…


You really need to close in on the fnishing line now! Good luck, this is one of the strong ones! :smiley:


Wicked! Your style is very appealing, colourful! Don’t wanna write too much hear, because then reading my worthless scribble would put you off. Detail-or-treating!


:applause: Hahaha this one is great! Sooo funny Bobby! Now I want one of those running wild in my room haha with the carrot disguise and all! :smiley:


hahaha this is freakin funny! and those little guys are so cute…what do you call them? awesome job man.:thumbsup:


haha, thats cool. awesome story telling and all the characters are really appealing.


go bobby! i really hope you pull something outta nowhere. this image rocks!


Oohh those trees are lookin sooo cool Bobby!!


Nice working Bobby:thumbsup: It lis funny and cute, love it.


Thanks all! It’s getting close! I hope I’ll have enough time to finish it…

rblitz7 - not sure what I’d call them. Any ideas? :wink:


awesome, Bobby :slight_smile: those creatures are way too cute!


Thanks MV! What happened to your entry? Are you still in it? I liked your idea… it was really funny.


looking really good man!! :deal:


looks spectacular! i am loving the little wooden loin piece on the little guy in the back right! haha too cute!


cough mm… well, that’s my usual habit of starting challenges and stopping early :frowning: